Ferrari: Complex sheet for Leclerc in the middle of the season

Guillaume MARION, Media365: published on Thursday August 04, 2022 at 3:10 am.

As Ferrari competes again in 2022, Charles Leclerc is giving a mixed assessment of this first part of the season due to reliability concerns at the level of his F1-75.

Funnily enough, Ferrari went from laughter to tears in 2022. Indeed, while the Scuderia could no longer compete regularly with Red Bull and Mercedes recently, the situation has changed this year. Charles Leclerc’s victories at the start of the season, in Sakhir (Bahrain) and Melbourne (Australia), proved that the F1-75 was indeed born… before suffering reliability problems a few weeks later. So much so that the Monegasque is 80 points behind Max Verstappen in the drivers’ standings, while F1 was stopped until the end of August (the Belgian GP in Spa-Francorchamps is scheduled for the 28th). “It’s amazing to see that we are finally back to fighting for victory. On the other hand, we failed to maximize all the potential we had. And not big “, recognizes the current Dutch world champion dolphin.

Leclerc has a grinding problem

We’ve still got the second half of the season to go, hopefully, and I’ll push as hard as I can. (…) Create errors? It depends on which one. I am very hard on myself. So it is more difficult to control my mistakes than those of the team, even if we are the same team, said the Monegasque driver, during an interview with the BBC. I’m always hard and I’m the one who makes mistakes, and obviously the French doctor is one of those who hurt. A bit of Imola too, although there weren’t many points at stake as I could get back on track. “Now rested, Leclerc will now try to increase his strength before attacking at the end of the season with the aim of putting pressure on Verstappen. And as Mattia Binotto explained recently, at Ferrari: “we all lose and we win together. »