Ferrari Calendar 2022: Millions worth of wall icons

Ferrari Calendar 2022: Millions worth of wall icons

Now a multi-million dollar sports car comes to the wall: The Ferrari Calendar “Rosso Corsa 2022” impresses everyone with its fascinating images of casual sports cars. All of these images emerge and present a perspective towards the life of the entire empire and many emotions. Behind the best work is Famous car photographer Günther Raupp, in which Ferrari owners open their secret garages and pull out more unusual models to show off their multi-million dollar sports cars. Even Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari was a huge fan of the annual “Rosso Cora” calendar during his lifetime.

Rosso Corsa 2022: The most expensive and rare car in your own home

“Rosso Corsa” is the traditional red color of Italian race teams, after which a cult calendar from Raupp was also named. The 2022 edition goes one step further and is already fascinating with its cover, which is a story Pininfarina Ferrari P5 you can see. The concept car of the best sports car with a mid-range V12 engine impressed by its future design, first appeared in 1968 at the Geneva Car Exhibition and quickly became a major attraction in many car shows.

As probably the most expensive car in the world is used Ferrari 250 GTO, where the Italians offered only 36 models between 1962 and 1964. In August 2018, the 250 GTO red won $ 70 million at auction in Monterey, USA. That was equivalent to about 60 million euros at the time. But there is only one yellow and blue Ferrari 250 GTO that becomes a real attraction on the calendar.

Raupp designed the 330 / h speed car in an impressive manner Ferrari 375 from 1952, stored in a wooden box for more than 35 years after competing in the famous “Indy 500” race. At the same time, he inspires Ferrari 250GT (1956) and its aluminum body partially visible. Nearly two decades later, none other than Niki Lauda, ​​in 1974 to be correct, received the one shown on the calendar. Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer – powered by a V12 engine, like most standard Ferraris.

These Ferrars are excellent design functions or just fast

It is considered to be one of Pininfarina’s best works Ferrari 365 GTB / 4yes Nickname “Daytona” was received and built from 1969 to 1973. The term “Daytona” refers to the 24 Hour Daytona of 1967 where Ferrari finished first, second and third with their 330P4 and 412P runners. Even more: The Ferrari 500 TRC Spider Scaglietti (1957) can also be found in the calendar.

There is often a one-time conversation: Italian designer Andrea Zagato created a 2006 commissioned work by Japanese Ferrari collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi. Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato according to the Ferrari 575M Maranello. But Hayashi ordered two copies – one for the collection, the other for running. This Zagato Ferrari with stylish elements of the 1950s is also a real attraction to the calendar page. These prove to be the most interesting things to aspire to in the calendar Ferrari 400 Superamerica Coupe Aerodynamic (1963) and Pininfarina no Ferrari 330GT Michelotti (1966).

Another attraction in the calendar is the power of 700 HP and a top speed of 367 km / h Ferrari F40 GTE from 1995, a brutal war vehicle from the GT World Championships. The largest engine ever built by Ferrari, a 7.0-liter V12 engine, is located at 680 hp. Ferrari 712 CanAm from 1971, which reaches a top speed of 360 km / h and ends the year in a timely manner in the “Rosso Corsa” calendar.

Enzo Ferrari: A big fan of this calendar – that’s what happened

For adults Fans of Günther Raupp’s “Rosso Corsa” calendar his lifetime is not less than that Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988). When the first “Rosso Corsa” calendar appeared in 1986, Raupp sent a copy to the famous Ferrari boss, who immediately thanked him in a personal letter and shared his passion for the job – a tribute to Günther Raupp.

Rosso Corsa 2022: This here is a small calendar

Whether at home or in the office Rosso Corsa Calendar 2022 and Günther Raupp knows how to set a special accent. High-resolution calendar images in 50 x 70 cm formats often reflect the emotions of the Ferrari story and interesting images. This Ferrari calendar is available in a limited edition 5,000 pieces for 82 euros plus shipping for

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