Ferrari announces new V12 model: performance SUV?

Ferrari announces new V12 model: performance SUV?

Ferrari has announced a new V12 model via Twitter and video. Could that be a Purosangue SUV?

It has long been a fact that Italians want to participate in the SUV segment after a long delay. We have already captured the Purosangue coming as a model on the street. Ferrari has now announced a new V12 model with a humorous video and we suspect there is a connection.

First tip, then confirmation

This is also indicated by the text of the corresponding tweet, because the translation says: “A new Ferrari is coming. … “looks a bit like they wanted to visualize a car design brand in Maranello that has not yet become part of the portfolio. Since this will probably not be a car, it is clear that the Purosangue will be a top model with 12 enders.

This is what Ferrari boss Benedetto Vigna confirmed to Reuters. “We looked at different options, but it was clear that the V12 was the right choice for the market because of its performance and enabling driving experience,” explained Vigna.

Hans Dieter Seufert

With the 812, Ferrari currently has the V12 model offered, but that is nearing the end of its production period.

Take from 812

New V12 engine growth is not possible for two reasons. First of all, Ferrari is already talking about our “behavioral V12” in a tweet, which means it’s an existing machine. Second, it is unlikely that it will be cost-effective to launch a new twelve-cylinder product these days. But it would also not be necessary – after all, the 6.5-liter V12 from the Ferrari 812 will soon be homeless because the model is heading towards the end of production. The fact that the V12 is placed in the ranks for prestige only and for a personal image as a traditional sports car brand is not a surprise in itself. Whether the SUV is a good place for that is another matter.

Not sure if that fits? Another option is to wait for the heart of the sports car. The planned successor to LaFerrari, which we have also seen during trial drives, could also be the V12. For cars in this league, however, hybrid trains are common. The fact that Ferrari wants to start in Le Mans’ top class from 2023 speaks to this. As an electric drive option, however, Italians can also use the V8 power combination from the SF90. So it remains exciting at this time.

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Ferrari launches Purosangue SUV like V12. This has now also been confirmed by boss Benedetto Vigna. The visitor will probably take the engine from 812, which is already nearing the end of production.

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