“Ferrari and Red Bull definitely broke the law, we respect it”

“Ferrari and Red Bull definitely broke the law, we respect it”

In recent weeks, talk has emerged about new technical guidance on flexible floors. This guide will be introduced after the summer break at the Belgian GP.

Many questions have arisen during this period, especially if Red Bull and Ferrari have complied with these rules. For the first time, George Russell speaks openly about.

Russell believes that “there is no doubt that Ferrari and Red Bull have broken the rules, while we respect them.”

“There is no guarantee that this will bring us closer. If it was in our car, it would slow us down. But it won’t help them for sure,” he said.

“Spa will be interesting. There are some rule changes that should bring other teams closer to us,” the Englishman told Sky Sports.

Although Mercedes had a difficult start to the season, Ferrari and Red Bull always had the best cars. In recent races, the German team has had good results, with Hamilton taking five consecutive places and Russell taking the top spot in Hungary.

Now Formula 1 enters a four-week break. The Belgian doctor is next on the calendar, with the introduction of new orders. While the changes will only be apparent on the Enterprise, Russell is happy for now. The rider leaves Hungary with the podium and hopes for better results soon.

“There is no doubt that we are making progress. We were finishing one minute behind the leader at the beginning of the season, now it is 10 seconds,” he concluded.