Ferrari and Red Bull agree to compromise on new F1 floor rules

Ferrari and Red Bull agree to compromise on new F1 floor rules

Team bosses met FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem on Friday ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix on the issue of new F1 car floor rules.

On August 2, a decision will be taken on the new floor rules, according to Auto, Motor und Sport. The FIA ​​wants to make the necessary changes to the rules because it fears that the increase in downforce will cause more problems in 2023. Among other things, the edge of the floor must be raised by 25 millimeters.

Ferrari says it can confirm there is no safety issue, leaving open the possibility of legal action if the FIA ​​tries to pass the law. Red Bull is also opposed to the rule change. According to the team, they would have to rebuild half the car, so Red Bull thinks the rule change is overdue. The smaller teams are also involved in warning the FIA ​​of the high costs of the changes.

For its part, Mercedes is convinced that the accidents of Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ricciardo in Monaco were caused by this problem. So the team supports the new rules. Charles Leclerc’s crash in France last weekend could also be linked to the same problem, according to Mercedes. Ferrari and Red Bull disagree with this.

The two opponents say the new rules favor the Mercedes concept. Mercedes disputes this, saying that Red Bull and Ferrari are causing a stir because they are investing so much money in the 2022 championship fight, so they can’t afford an additional wind tunnel program for 2023.

Christian Horner brought Adrian Newey to the meeting to show Sulayem an engineer’s perspective. Newey showed him the results of those steps. Mattia Binotto also shows the vision of the engineers. “At the meeting of technical engineers, the majority supported our compromise proposal of ten millimeters,” the team leader told AMuS. Horner added: “Eventually, we will reach an agreement. The only question is what will happen,” he concluded.