Father and Son Build Beetle “SUV” with Dodge Ram Chassis |  cars

Father and Son Build Beetle “SUV” with Dodge Ram Chassis | cars

Many purists may be outraged, but the SUV trend has reached even one of the most classic vehicles in the automotive industry. American Scott Tupper and his father used a Volkswagen Beetle 1959 they had at home as a model of a car with the same characteristics, but 40% larger in size.

To accomplish this task, they analyzed every component of the original Beetle to digitally reassemble it. So, that was enough increase the ratio so that it is possible to “print” body plates and make other parts in a modified way.

Initially, the idea was to let a new car 50% larger than the original Beetle, but that would prevent the model from running according to the laws of the state of California. Thus, they had to reduce their steps, and left him slightly larger than a Hummer .

Comparison between the original VW Beetle and its “bomb” version (Photo: Production/YouTube) — Photo: Auto Esporte

Collect Beetle “pumped”, duo used the Dodge RAM platformto install a 5.7 V8 engine of the Dodge Magnum, which produces 350 hp.

Inside, the visual characteristics of the Beetle were also imitated, but with some comfort, such as power steering and heated seats. Although the gear knob looks like a manual, the model’s transmission is automatic.

“My dad and I thought it would be nice if we had a Volkswagen that was comfortable and didn’t look like we’d be stuck in traffic,” Tupper said in a video posted on the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel. In fact, they created Fuscão.

Check out the video with the SUV Beetle in action below:

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