F1.  The great bloodbath of Sebastian Vettel.  Sports

F1. The great bloodbath of Sebastian Vettel. Sports

Sebastian Vettel has never been the bloodiest driver on the Formula 1 grid, but he still sometimes lost his ability in some difficult situations, where he lost his temper. When the German experiment announced Thursday that he will end his career in the first division at the end of the 2022 season, looking back at several moments that showed that he too may have blood on the track.

2007: denied Mark Webber a podium in Japan

It was one of the first major controversies for his debut in Formula 1. While playing at the end of the 2007 season at the wheel of Toro Rosso, he held his first position during the Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji. podium in the queen category. .

In the continuous rain that sees Lewis Hamilton leading the race, the German driver finds himself 3rde just behind Mark Webber, while a safety car used following Fernando Alonso’s departure from the track. But the visibility was not very good, and when the cars of Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber were lagging, Vettel hit the car of the Australian driver, and the two drivers were forced to retire.

The Red Bull driver would later not have kind words for the young rookie driver: “They are children, aren’t they. Kids who don’t have enough experience – you’re doing a good job and they’re ruining it”. If Vettel was charged a lot at the beginning, several videos were broadcast behind he convinced the F1 management to reduce the penalty against him, due to the very difficult situation.

2013: ignores race instructions to win

In March 2013, the pilots are in Malaysia to compete in the second round of the season. After finishing last on Saturday, Sebastian Vettel took the lead at the start of the race on the soft and dry track, before being overtaken by teammate Mark Webber. To make sure to get that result twice, the Red Bull team decided to set the “Multi map 21” instructions, which ordered the pilots to keep their positions as they were.

Convinced of victory, Vettel chose to ignore the race order, went back to his teammate, and finally launched an attack in the 46th.e round, before putting 27 in the pockete victory of his career, while at this time his team kept asking him to obey orders. If at the time of arrival, the Austrian team performed well twice, the atmosphere was very tense on the podium between the two pilots.

2016: is carried on the radio for insulting the race director

In 68e One lap of the Mexican Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel is fighting with Max Verstappen for the last place on the podium. The Dutchman misses the gate at turn 1 by locking his wheels and decides to cut the grass to get a few more meters, without wasting time on the way.

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Angry at seeing his rival pull away without giving up the position, Vettel is carried by his radio and asks him to let him pass, while his team tries to calm him down. He ended up insulting the race director at the time, Charlie Whiting: “Here’s a message for Charlie: fuck you”had launched, after qualifying as a Red Bull driver“idiot”.

He ends up apologizing later, asking: “You have to understand me, I was very nervous, I had a lot of adrenaline. »

2017: Lewis Hamilton at the wheel in Baku

In the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are fighting for the first place in the overall standings. Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen crashed after about ten laps, and a safety car has been used on the urban layout of Baku. You’re stuck on the Hamilton single seat curtain on the 2nde In his place, Vettel is surprised by the slow stop of his rial for the title and misses hitting it.

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Immediately, the German comes to the Briton’s car, and quickly swerves towards the Mercedes, the two cars touch.

If the two cars have nothing, this sanguine maneuver will earn the Ferrari driver a 10-second penalty from the race direction. In addition to the conversation between the two men through an interview, Eddie Jordan, the former boss of the team by his name, and a regular on television stations, will later describe this episode as.“equal to being hit in the head a lot in football”. “Due to the penalty points he got after the race, the athletes had clear proof that the driver entered Hamilton voluntarily. It’s never worth it, no matter what happened before. You can’t do yourself justice, certainly not in the game.”he added.

2019: a late-season clash with a young teammate

In 2019, during this season’s Grand Prix in Interlagos (Brazil), the German driver fought with Charles Leclerc, his young teammate who arrived at Ferrari at the beginning of the season, who gave him a hard time when he was two behind. seasons as world runner-up behind the untouchable Lewis Hamilton.

66 hourse lap, when two teammates are fighting over 4e place, double and double, Vettel passes out on the straight after the third corner, but squeezes the Monegasque on the left, before touching him.

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As a result of the race, Leclerc lost his right front wheel and the German’s left rear wheel broke, and both gave up. Internally, this incident will cause a lot of talk at Ferrari.