F1: Tension between Leclerc and Sainz?  Ferrari presents its truth

F1: Tension between Leclerc and Sainz? Ferrari presents its truth

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F1: Tension between Leclerc and Sainz? Ferrari presents its truth

Posted on August 24, 2022 at 10:35 am by Hugo Chirossel

As Formula 1 returns to action this weekend in Spa, Belgium, Laurent Mekies, Ferrari’s race director, spoke about the atmosphere within the Scuderia. Not everything has gone as planned for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz since the start of the season, but despite this the situation will be good in the Italian team.

After years of watching Red Bull and mercedes fight for first places, Ferrari he also joins the battle this season. The Scuderia is currently second in the constructors’ standings, 97 points behind Red Bullbut 30 steps ahead mercedes. The result could have been better, if the Italian team had not made several strategic mistakes that cost the drivers points. The latter are not free from criticism, for they too have often been at fault. Some tensions were sometimes mentioned internally Ferraribut the reality would be completely different.

“The situation in the team could not be better”

The environment would be the same inside Ferrarito believe Laurent Mekies : ” the atmosphere in the team could not be better, because people like Charles, Carlos and Mattia inspire him in all situations. », revealed the race director of Scuderiacomments posted by Motorsport.com. ” There are good times and bad times, and I think the difference comes from that kind of leadership. They have the ability, no matter what, to push for a reset, bring everyone together, read what happened, learn from it and continue the next race with a smile and with more motivation than in the previous race.. »

“He has shown exceptional speed again this year”

Before the revival of Ferrarithere is a must Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque is second in the drivers’ standings, 80 points behind Max Verstappenfirst, but only 5 steps ahead Sergio Perez, the third. ” He has shown such exceptional speed again this year that there is no question of rethinking this feature “, he told it Laurent Mekies about his pilot. ” Charles doesn’t need us to understand, like a great racing driver, to understand for himself how far he can go to the limit. He is very good at this and, as it can happen to anyone, mistakes can happen. I think we don’t have to look at individual mistakes, we look at the success rate. We often look at how he can do amazing things versus the little things that he doesn’t do as well, and I think his success rate this year has been very impressive and we don’t want anything to change.. »

“It allowed us to react to the car’s settings”

Back at the beginning of the season, carlos sainz he was able to recover and perform well before the summer break, gaining important points for Ferrari. For Laurent Mekiesit’s coming” Carlos’ ability to analyze what the car does and what he needs from it. So he can not only smell but also convey what he feels to the engineers. Slowly but surely, this allowed us to act on the car’s settings and adjust some progress. This is what happened. We are not sure that the expected results are there until we see this trend coming, when the trend is seen there is good news for us.. »