F1: Mercedes’ bad confessions to Red Bull and Ferrari

F1: Mercedes’ bad confessions to Red Bull and Ferrari

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F1: Mercedes’ bad confessions to Red Bull and Ferrari

Posted on September 7, 2022 at 3:35 pm by editorial staff

Still without a win this season, the Mercedes team has produced a poor report on the performance of its seats driven by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Back on the podium thanks to Russell, Mercedes came close but still couldn’t do it against Scuderia Ferrari and Red Bull.

While dominating the paddock in recent years, the Mercedes team is still winless this season and only has to make do with a couple of podiums. Faced with this inability to win single seats Red Bull and Ferrari, mercedes understand what is wrong. During the Belgian Grand Prixengineers produced the first studies of the poor performance of the single seat W13. Suspicions were confirmed during the Dutch Grand Prix.

“We understand better”

Toto Wolffdirector of Silver Arrowsexplained what the team has seen during the Belgian Grand Prix. “ It’s great because sometimes those tough weekends like Business give you the most valuable tips. We got hit hard on Saturday at Spa and then saw the light at the end of the tunnel on race day. But we understand better. We predicted that it would be the best race for us based on lessons from Business. And here we are, we had a competitive car in qualifying and a fast car in the race. So the forecast was right and I think we must continue. As we speak, it is looked at from a scientific point of view: What is the right way forward, what does that mean for the car concept? But I’d rather be confused and fast than slow and clear “he noted in the explanation given by Nextgen-Auto.

“We don’t have many results against Ferrari and Verstappen”

The sports director of the German team admitted that he was helpless against his direct competitors. Ferrari and Red Bull. “ We designed the car for high power and low ride height. And sometimes you can’t ride with a lower travel height because you hit the ground, it’s as simple as that, and you have to agree in your settings, which punishes you. So you are not in the right window on the whole page. You can see here that we are very competitive in many corners, but in the seven-hour sprint section we are very much lacking in performance against Ferrari and Verstappen. We know that’s where the car has weaknesses and you can’t fix it in a certain way to make it work “You don’t blame Toto Wolff.

“Red Bull probably has the biggest advantage”

In conclusion, the boss of mercedes agree with that Red Bull is greater than Ferrari at certain points this season. ” I have to say Red Bull probably have the biggest advantage because Ferrari are quicker on race day than in qualifying so far. “The judge Wolff.