F1, GP de France 2022. Ferrari continues the F1-75 well, but the plan is in the hands of Red Bull – OA Sport

F1, GP de France 2022. Ferrari continues the F1-75 well, but the plan is in the hands of Red Bull – OA Sport

Fast French Grand Prix she appears to be pregnant in the battle between her red cow and Ferrari by winning the 2022 World Cup. On paper, the Song and Le Castellet must better to say for drinking teambut it is evident that the galloping horse was at work fill in the gaps your car. The F1-75 in particular first paid homage to the RB18, especially in terms of resistance to run. A useful force, especially when we were inside close combat.

Until the British GP, the leitmotif of hand-to-hand combat between the world’s competitors was always the same. Ferrari has done much more fight to win Red Bull than what happened to the previous coins. This is because the Reds had a lower speed and the opening time of DRS, he did not gain the same advantage as his nearest rival. A big handicap for the Maranello team, which had to be considered car development directly in that direction. Do it Good, because the results have been seen. This difference in terms of high speed there are still some, but between Baku and Spielberg it is half.

red cow He did not remain inactive, but followed you a completely different road compared to Ferrari in the development of their car. The galloping horse took how historical marker opponent and focus his efforts on healing the rift in the areas of suffering while keeping his strength unchanged. On the contrary, drinking team Without looking at the opponents, he decided to move forward independent in their own waythat is, destroy it driving style out Max Verstappen.

F1, GP de France 2022: schedule, dates, TV, streaming. Weekend schedule 22.-24. July

Not surprisingly, the Dutchman complained a lot earlier this year understeer, a situation that Sergio Perez did not particularly complain about. The development of the RB18 therefore focused on “tuning” the front end to bring it closer to the driving experience of the reigning world champion. Not surprisingly, Red Bull is from Canada met the requirements SuperMaxwith all my respect Czechinstead forced to face the car left of his style.

This is exactly the reason PaulRichard it can mainly be a step important in the world championship match. The hosts share the French circuit of Silverstone, a circuit where Scuderia di Maranello won but where it is. he missed a real direct fight together with drinking teameither because of the rain during qualifying or because Verstappen had to drive almost the entire GP with a damaged surface.

red cow he gives the impression of being beside her development planbecause he makes his own decisions regardless of the characteristics of the enemy one by one. Witness the “weight reduction treatment” that the RB18 underwent almost immediately and subsequent evolutions aimed at the needs of its elite rider. FerrariInstead, he has more than anything so far after a title contender that adapts the F1-75 to the challenges found in head-to-head racing. In France, we had to ride in balance on a completely different track than Spielberg, where the Prancing Horse had no rival. For that, if red should be in front also in the transalpine country, this would mean thatsituation of the World Championship would return to Maranello for the first time since the Australian Doctor, regardless of who has the opportunity to change without looking at anyone.

Photo: La Presse