F1 Ferrari will have to issue orders

F1 Ferrari will have to issue orders

Eddie Irvine, former lieutenant Michael Schumacher, believes the Scuderia Ferrari intends to launch a team strategy in 2022.

A quarter of a century ago, Mwaire was hired by Maranello with a contract stipulated as a second driver.

Ferrari policy, imposed under the leadership of Jean Todt and Ross Brawn, then favored their leader Schumacher.

As a result, Ivine was often forced to follow the instructions of “radio Todt”, as did his successor Rubens Barrichello for the matter.

He now believes that Scuderia should do the same with Carlos Sainz, logically favoring a strong 2022 championship leader Charles Leclerc.

“In Red Bull, Pérez can not worry Verstappen, Anaona Irvine. While for Ferrari, Sainz can still play his personal card against Leclerc. »

“Instead of Mattia Binotto, I would give the team instructions now, as my time, he hammer. To win Verstappen, you must put all the assets in your game and not take points from each other. »

“I don’t think Charles is faster than Max, but he makes a few mistakes, he analyzes. Max reminds me of Michael Schumacher because no one can beat him on the same terms. »

“Ferrari has a unique opportunity to reclaim the world title that has been denied for fifteen years, Eddy reminds. To achieve this, we must protect Leclerc and strengthen him in his role as the undisputed number 1. »

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