F1: Ferrari says no warning for Leclerc’s engine failure

F1: Ferrari says no warning for Leclerc’s engine failure

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THE Ferrari said that failure in the power unit that came out Charles Leclerc of Spanish GP in formula 1 it came out in vain as there was no early warning of problems.

Leclerc looked to be on his way to victory in Barcelona as he led well in the early stages of the race.

But with a lead of more than 11 seconds, Leclerc slowed suddenly when his car lost power midway through lap 27.

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The Monegasque immediately pitted and was forced out of the race, giving Verstappen the opportunity to move forward and claim the victory that took him to the top of the World Championship.

Ferrari still has no answer as to what went wrong with Leclerc’s electrical unit and wants to wait until the investigation at its Maranello headquarters is complete before releasing details.

However, team boss Mattia Binotto confirmed that the issue was not something the Scuderia were managing as it took everyone by surprise.

“It was a sudden crisis,” Binotto said. “I think we discovered it first with Charles, going to the radio, and then with the engineers who analyzed the data. So it was very sudden.”

“We still don’t have an explanation. Therefore, the power unit will be [enviada] we will return to Maranello in the evening and we will demolish it tomorrow morning.”

After two incidents where Ferrari suffered worse tire wear than Red Bull, Leclerc analyzed that things were very different this time and that the team was in control.

Asked if he felt that without defeat he would have won outright, the Monegasque said: “With the laps I did, honestly, everything was going very well.”

“I think it would have been difficult for them to recover, because obviously there was already a big gap and we had very good damage on the soft tyre. We could do a few more laps compared to them. So yes, overall I think we had control of the race.”

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