F1.  Bad strategy for Ferrari, in Hungary?  Binotto denies it and accuses the man of the same seat

F1. Bad strategy for Ferrari, in Hungary? Binotto denies it and accuses the man of the same seat

While many observers agree that Ferrari completely missed its strategy, in the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, Mattia Binotto defends it. Because according to the Italian, it is the single seater that has experienced an inexplicable drop in performance, compared to the simulation done on Friday. For him, it did not work with any compounds. However, Charles Leclerc seemed to indicate the opposite, except for hard rubber. And the lap times on the track seemed to be good for the Monegasque, with soft and medium.

F1: Mattia Binotto in denial?

Is the Scuderia boss trying to save himself from the water, by convicting a single seater, instead of questioning his strategy, in Hungary? However, Binotto attacks Ferrari, whose performance was not the same last Sunday, at the Hungaroring. The analysis was shared by Carlos Sainz, priori. A person of interest provides Friday’s narratives. But, after the rain cleared the track on Saturday morning, the situation seemed to change for several teams, during qualifying. So, why have you stuck to your guns – in racing, especially with hard tires when Haas and Alpines had just shown that these rubbers gave poor performance? Secret…

“We are disappointed because we expected a better result today, we even expected a victory. Today the car did not perform as expected. Looking at the times we had in the race simulation we did on Friday, we had a slight advantage over everyone else. Today it was colder and the car didn’t run no matter what tires we used; red, yellow or white. It’s true that the white didn’t work for Charles, but it wasn’t what we expected. I think you have to analyze the reasons in the car itself, in its performance today, why it was not as fast as we wanted. said Binotto after the race.

However, Alpine’s poor performance on hard tires was noted and documented, at Ferrari: “Alpines had trouble with tough people. We, what we expected with the hard people, were two laps of heat and a little difficulty, for about ten laps they would be slower than the whites, but at the end of the race, that could be an advantage. . Leaving it at that, he made a stand for Max. We knew that the first laps could be difficult, but over the full 30 laps, it could still be the right choice. Our simulations told us that white people can do better than that, even seeing others. That was not the case. I think again the reason for that is not the tires themselves, it is the fact that the car today was not performing as we wanted.

In any case, there was a mistake in the strategy at Ferrari, if only due to a bad adjustment to the changing conditions. Yes, indeed, the Italian team has been unsuccessful, for several races this year, in this 2022 F1 season…

Article published on 08/01/2022 at 6:18 am.