Extended partnership between Hyundai and Michelin – 98.5 Montreal

Extended partnership between Hyundai and Michelin – 98.5 Montreal

At the end of last week, an interesting agreement was signed between two giants of the automobile industry, which is the manufacturer Hyundai, as well as the giant tire company Michelin. Motoring News reported the news.

The two will work together over the next three years to develop new tire technology that will serve electric vehicles. The new partnership follows another, which lasted five years, which focused on the development of tires for electric vehicles, an agreement that served the Ioniq 5 SUV.

“The collaboration between Hyundai and Michelin over the past five years has contributed to the successful launch of the Hyundai Ioniq 5. We are happy to announce that this relationship has been extended for another three years. »

– Georges Levy, Michelin Executive Vice President of Automotive OE Products

This new link between the two companies will see efforts focused on three areas; tires made of environmentally friendly materials, tires designed for next-generation electric vehicles, as well as a tire monitoring system that will be used by autonomous vehicles.

Other advanced features will also be explored, in particular the reduction of vibrations and noise generated by high-speed electric vehicles, as well as an increase in the percentage of environmentally friendly materials in the production of tires.

The new technologies that will be developed first will serve the most advanced models of the group.

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