experience the passion of cars at the Le Mans circuit

experience the passion of cars at the Le Mans circuit

From August 19 to 21, 2022, the Bugatti Le Mans circuit is the scene of an unprecedented automotive event called the Grand Auto Show. A weekend of motoring enthusiasts between the open lounge, driving and exhibitions.

If you happen to pass by at Le Mans for your vacation, or looking for a car event living in the summer, look no further. Save your weekend from August 19 to 21 experience the 2022 edition of the Great Car Show. A car show that wants to be different from what already exists. A the weekend who breathes passion for cars.

For all styles

Many times car events focus only on a certain style of cars. Retromobile gives pride of place to vintage cars and youngtimers, the Car shows for new things and other fancy cars or even Las Vegas SEMA Show which shows the most extreme preparations.

Come to Great Car Showit is a promise to have these three events in one place. News and project cars rub shoulders here andthe former glory of the car. The Great Car Show offers visitors real open living room. 15,000 m² will be developed in working paddock featuring every brand, manufacturer or producer!

As you may have understood, the Big Car Show teams want only one thing: share and pass on the passion for cars to as many people as possible.

Bugatti driving sessions

If automotive events like the ones mentioned above are on top of all the meeting places, including the Big Auto Show, we push things further. For good reason, during these 3 days, you will be able to too take the wheel and track Bugatti. Agree that it would be embarrassing to go to a the temple of motorsport and not driving…

In the program, 100 sessions of 20 minutes – and 1 to 30 cars per driving session – for academic tests or public demonstrations. Each session can be perfect personalized. With the protest of Vintage Heroes Festival at the Big Auto Show, the highlight of the show is sure to be 40 driving sessions dedicated to Vintage Heroes. More 1000’s of old cars then they will be able to set foot on the legendary Le Mans track.

Count the starting envelope for 69.90 Euros for horsemen.

A lounge is also available for children

If the trips must be reserved for a more mature public, it is clear that another animation scheduled during the Great Auto Show don’t forget young audience. Indeed, in the heart of the village, space reserved for toys will welcome young and old. Models to build, with remote control, collect or just play… There will be something for everyone.

At the same time, the Great Car Show also honors Motorsport e-sport. Big names in the world of car simulation too several popular licenses were invited to participate in the event. The goal? Discover their new innovations. Without counting 24 hour endurance race which visitors and participants will be able to experience to live.

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What are the prices for the Big Auto Show?

To survive this car enthusiast event, you will have to pay a entry for 10 € for one day. A 3 days pass is also available for 20 €. Also be aware that visitors under 16 profit free and that one camping option (free pitch at Houx campsite) for sale 5 €.

As a reminder, the rides (which you can already book) start, in turn, at the price of 69.90 €. You can also choose “guest + driving” ticket. which starts at 79.90 €. The latter then gives you access to the entrance and a 20-minute session on the 4.185m Bugatti track.

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