Expensive to Maintain Bugatti Veyron | Curiosity

There is no magic formula: the higher the value of your car, the more money you will spend on maintenance. Now imagine you have one of the world’s most expensive sports cars in your garage, such as the $1.9 million Bugatti Veyron – the equivalent of almost $10 million – and be prepared for the unreal parts prices for most people.

An oil change, for example, costs US$21,000 (R$108,000). If the tires need to be replaced, the game costs no less than $30,000. As for replacing the interior panels and front seats, it costs USD 150,000 (R$ 771,000 – you can buy a BMW M3 Competition and still have change left over).

The Veyron’s dashboard and seats cost more than a BMW M3 — Photo: Production

Here are some of the most popular prices to keep a Veyron. but a newspaper Road and Track produced a list with the most stratospheric values ​​not only for parts, but also for work when it is necessary to take a sports car to the workshop.

To change one of the four turbos of the W16 8.0 engine, the price is $ 6,400 (R$ 33,000), but the work to replace each pair adds US $ 9,000 (R $ 46,000) to the bill. The $2,000 exhaust manifold fee doesn’t even seem like much in this case, until you realize the service charge is $20,000.

The catalytic converter costs $6,700, plus $1,800 to install, while the rest of the exhaust system costs $12,000 and $3,600. (R$ 18.5 thousand) of employees.

The work alone to replace each pair of turbochargers is equivalent to R$ 46,000 – Photo: Disclosure

Some parts shared with simpler models from the Volkswagen Group, such as the Golf, are cheap, such as camshaft position sensors for US$ 9 (R$ 46) and lambda probes for US$ 300 (R$ 1.5 thousand). But the service is too expensive: US$ 7,200 (R$ 37,000) to change the sensors and $ 15,000 (R$ 77,000) for the diagnosis.

Adding all the services listed here, the bill will be around R$ 1.5 million.

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