exit clause in Gasly’s contract?

exit clause in Gasly’s contract?

Added next season in Alpha Tauri, Norman’s driver will benefit from a clause that allows him to sign for a top team, like Alpine.

And if Alpine appeared on the starting line with a 100% tricolor tandem next year? Since the imbroglio Oscar Piastri, who refused to take the seat vacated by Fernando Alonso, left for Alpine, the tricolor team finds itself without a driver to accompany Esteban Ocon on the grid in 2023.

Although the candidates are not of the army, the concept is enough to make French Formula 1 fans salivate. Already for the next Alpha Tauri season, Pierre Gasly is sometimes mentioned as competing for the second place in the French league. The reason? Depending on the specific site race news365 The Norman would benefit from a clause in his contract that allows him to sign for Alpha Tauri’s top-ranked constructors’ team.

Ricciardo prefers to regain the seat at Alpine

In fourth place in the standings, Alpine is naturally more competitive than the Italian Scuderia, the younger sister of the Red Bull team where Gasly has been desperate for second place since his difficult half-season in 2019. Since then, the aged driver the 26-year-old has proven his talents on the track, securing his first victory in September 2020 (Monza) as well as three podiums. However, these problems this season have put him back in the lead, and it is still unclear if Alpine will look at his case.

Currently, the favorite to replace Alonso is none other than Daniel Ricciardo. A Renault driver in 2019 and 2020 before closing the door on McLaren, the Australian knows he is at risk next season. Many sources report that an agreement has already been put together between the British team and … his partner Oscar Piastri. Since then, “Honey Badger”, in trouble with the orange papaya team, has already been connected to Alpine.