Exclusive: Hyundai HB20 2023 will have 6 airbags and will not take long to arrive

Exclusive: Hyundai HB20 2023 will have 6 airbags and will not take long to arrive

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Smartstream Engines

As with the new Creta’s 2.0, the new HB20’s 1.0 engines will be updated and moved to the so-called Smartstream family.

According to Four Wheels, the standard 12V MPi factory (multi-point electronic injection) will receive the G3LD specifications of the Hyundai Casper and the current Kia Picanto sold in other countries: 76 hp and 9.7 kgfm of torque with gasoline, an increase of 1 hp and 0.3 kgfm, respectively. . Profit is also expected in the number and ethanol.

In addition, the power plant will be more elastic, and the peak torque will be released at 3,750 rpm instead of 4,500 rpm and maximum power at 6,200 rpm instead of 6,000 rpm. A new injection map with two injectors per cylinder, a smart shifter and revisions to components such as the piston and cylinder wall, to reduce friction and vibrations, are also in the plans.

The 1.0 TGDi (G3LE) engine, turboflex with direct injection, will continue with 120 hp and 17.5 kgfm, regardless of fuel, as it has already been replaced with Proconve L7. However, it should also be given its official name as 1.0 Smartstream TGDi instead of 1.0 Kappa TGDi.

The selection of gearboxes will remain unchanged: five-speed manual with the expected option of 1.0; manual or automatic for the turbocharged 1.0, always with six gears. The model will continue to be offered in hatchback (HB20) and sedan (HB20S) The HB20X traveler has already been removed.

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End of “catfish face”

Visually, the compact will lose the diamond-shaped grille and excessively raised headlights, which gave it the nickname “catfish”. In its place, more rectangular lines enter, with a large and two-sided hexagonal grille, and headlights with reflectors and thick LED guides, finally functioning as daytime running lights.

The back will leave the inverted hook-shaped lights and will include a design more similar to the new generation Tucson, with an extension on the trunk lid connected to the upper part of the exterior set and position lights also in LED, taking away. piece visual effect “stoned”.

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Cretan accessories

In addition to the new aesthetics, expected here by Kleber Silva’s projections, from @kdesignagThe 2023 HB20 will have more standard features, such as adaptive cruise control and blind spot assist cameras, inherited from the New Creteand six airbags, including curtains.

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