Excessive delay: what is the penalty?

Excessive delay: what is the penalty?

Driving over the speed limit can only get you into trouble, that’s for sure. But you knew that can slow driving also be to blame?

In fact, according to article R-413-19 of the Road Regulations : “No driver shall interfere with the normal operation of other vehicles by traveling without good reason at an abnormally reduced speed”.

On the highway, for example, It is forbidden to drive below 80 km/h in the left lane when traffic conditions allow normal traffic.

For other lanes, there is no right speed about excessive gentleness. no, This is at the discretion of law enforcement. But don’t think that driving too slowly isn’t dangerous. On the contrary, it encourages other drivers to take reckless risks to cross. So just find the middle ground.

fine and that’s it

But then, what are the dangers of driving too slowly? Well, fortunately, not so much. Excessive delay may result second class ticket. A fine of 35 euros is also applicable, but no points can be taken from your driving licence.

Be equally careful, in the event of a recurrence, the amount of this fine can increase up to 135 euros!

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