Example of trick |  First official photos of the 2024 Kia ​​EV9… hidden — 98.5 Montreal

Example of trick | First official photos of the 2024 Kia ​​EV9… hidden — 98.5 Montreal

The Kia EV9, one of the next all-electric vehicles that the Korean manufacturer will release, is currently being tested. Recently, an example was photographed in Germany and the pictures were circulated on the Internet.

This time, the prototype images that have been spotted have come from Kia itself. Some of the covers have been removed, which gives us a better idea of ​​some details of the model whose style is not too far from that of the concept that was presented a year ago.

We see a difference in the height of the headers, but the signature looks very similar. Ditto for the shield which has the same characteristics, but the mesh surface seems to be changed. The mirrors of the model shown are production units, while on the concept that was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, there were standard parts of the concept.

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Kia EV9, profile

The profile takes the square and refined lines of the study. The glazed surface is of impressive size. Even the shape of the wheel arches seems to have been preserved. The rims have a new style, but are still aerodynamic to promote freedom.

The EV9 should be officially launched in the first quarter of 2023. It remains to be seen if we will be eligible for the 2023 vintage or if Kia will choose a 2024 identity.

The EV9 will take advantage of the E-GMP platform shared by the EV6. That means a 350kW quick-charging capability and of course single- or dual-motor powertrain options.

Kia EV9, on track