Everything you need to know about Tesla’s first smartphone – Época Negócios

Everything you need to know about Tesla’s first smartphone – Época Negócios

Tesla Model Pi, Tesla’s smartphone that may enter the market later this year (Photo: Uzi/YouTube)

It is known for the technology it uses mainly in the development of electric vehicles, Tesla may venture into smartphone production and launch the first model still in 2022. rumours about the development of the calling Model Tesla Pi they become strong, but the company Elon Musk has not yet confirmed whether the project is real.

Musk has even tweeted about smartphones, saying that current models are “yesterday’s technology”. The message prompted Tesla Model Pi enthusiasts to increase confidence that the billionaire could invest in new smartphone designs.

All images of Tesla smartphones that use the Internet were also created by project enthusiasts. The model may have a 6-inch screen with AMOLED technology or similar, as well as a high-performance processor.

Among the bets on the specifications of the device is charging the battery through the solar panels installed on the device, which is compatible with the technology developed by Tesla.

It is also likely that the Tesla Model Pi has a system that can be easily integrated with the company’s vehicles, allowing greater control over the vehicle’s settings and features. The cameras are also expected to be higher quality than most models on the market.

There are still those who believe that the smartphone will use the Starlink service, provided by SpaceX, also owned by Elon Musk. Therefore, the device will have a high-speed internet service based on satellite.

According to experts, if the Tesla Model Pi is real, it is unlikely that the company will create its own system to compete with Android and iOS. For this, the chances will be that the smartphone uses the Android system.

With the expected performance of the Tesla Model Pi, the model could cost between $800 and $1,200.

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