EVER Monaco 2022 in the middle of “Electricity Week” – AVEM

EVER Monaco 2022 in the middle of “Electricity Week” – AVEM

EVER Monaco, the main annual event for electric and renewable energy vehicles, will take place from April 27 to 29. A 17th mid-term edition of “Electricity Week” in Administration since Monaco ePrix will take place on Saturday 30 April. EVER Monaco will also present one of the only seats participating in the Formula E. World Cup. A real showcase for discovering the latest electronic innovations and attending the many rounds of electric mobility tables. EVER Monaco promotes high-level exchanges on mobility, energy transitions and vibrant solutions.

Discovery of the latest electronic models

First and foremost, EVER Monaco allows the general public to discover the latest inventions in the field of ecological vehicles. Vehicles submitted directly by brand or through their dealers in the Administration. This year, guests will be able to admire the brand new Kia Niro, but also the best Kia EV 6 of the year. SAMGF Monaco will offer the star a brand new Mercedes GLB, the company’s first 7-seat electric car. The main partner of the event, Volvo Trucks France will allow to explore the future of road transport by displaying two electric trucks. The Venturi Group will present the new Wattman, an electric motorcycle that has set several world record records. Another Monegasque exhibitor, SMEG will unveil a new feature of its development in car sharing and acquisition of Tesla àShare.

Lots of electric cars on trial

Teslas which the public will also be able to try on the streets of Administration from the “Ride & Drive” area. Greater space than before as fifty electric cars will be available for guests. Among them, Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4, Mercedes EQB and EQA, Audi e-tron, Volvo XC 40 Recharge. The public will also be able to try city electric vehicles such as the Fiat 500 E, Honda e or Dacia Spring. He will also be able to try hybrid cars and plug-ins such as the new Kia Sportage or Porsche Cayenne. Finally, two-wheel-drive enthusiasts can try out some of the electric motorcycles presented by Cocorent, Pitstop and Motos Joly.

Exchange place on electrical mobility

Bertrand Piccard EVER Monaco 2021

In addition to the innovative feature of new electronics products, EVER Monaco is a meeting place for many people in sustainable development. Last year, Bertrand Piccard he had created the event by launching it A world tour of the solution. A new challenge after his visit to a planet within the solar-powered Solar Impulse. Round tables scheduled for this year will deal specifically with the charging infrastructure or Vehicle to the grid, the results of which will be released from the experiments. Another lesson with the economic impact of the transition from oil to electricity. The third day will be marked by a participatory discussion about feedback from consumers of electric vehicles. During this day, the public will also be asked in a more entertaining way for serious questions about electromobility.

Competition to illuminate beginners

Ever Monaco are also emerging as the finalists for the tournament METHA Europe organized by the Mining Institute-Telecom. Competition for creative projects on this year’s theme “Smart Building / Smart City / Sustainable City”. Seed capital research projects. This competition has 3 categories, the first of which involves students. It is intended to promote a creative idea or concept, the second focuses on projects Ante Creation. Third aims to facilitate the commencement of the professions involved in the competition. Startups will also be highlighted in a City which will allow the buds to present their creations. Thirty of them will seek to persuade potential investors through the tarmac competition. Their representatives will “strike” every day during EVER Monaco to make their products known to as many people as possible.

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