Estimates: Fiat Argo 2023 in reinterpretation

Estimates: Fiat Argo 2023 in reinterpretation

Fiat Argo 2023 has already been seen and not everyone was happy with what the Italian brand did and, therefore, the estimates made by @rob3rtdesignadded changes to the compact hatch, which will soon be in dealerships.

Robert added new grilles, with horizontal friezes and chrome fillets above and unfinished below, putting the Fiat logo to his name.

He also modified the bumper, which received more water lines, as well as a large side skirt and fog lights.

The new set reduced the size of the upper grille, which was closer to the body, giving a more stable image to the Fiat Argo 2023.

At the moment, Robert made the front of the Argo 2023, which in real life, will not have significant changes, thus preserving the design of the hatch successor of the old Palio and Punto.

Fiat Argo 2023 will have more online services with 4G network and Wi-Fi, as well as other software and small finishing modifications.

On the technical side, Fiat will maintain passive income for the Firefly 1.0 6V and 1.3 8V engines, both of which are based on the Proconv L7.

In 1.0, power with gasoline will be 71 horses and 75 horses in ethanol, while 1.3 will have 98 horses and 107 horses in alcohol.

The latter will have the option of a CVT-type automatic transmission with gear simulation (seven) and Sport mode, which changes the engine’s ECU software.

Manual changes must be made using a lever only on the Drive version or equivalent, and the more expensive ones using paddle shifts on the steering wheel.

Fiat Argo is still a good bet for the brand to make volume and reach the sales leaders in the car market.

Currently, Argo is eighth in the car market, not counting SUVs, behind the brothers Mobi and Pulse, for example.

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