Esport – Smash: The Glutonny Final, only won in the big Genesis final

Esport – Smash: The Glutonny Final, only won in the big Genesis final

In California this weekend, William “Glutonny” Belaïd wrote the best page in the history of French-speaking Super Smash Bros. In Genesis 8, the most prestigious of the year competition, featuring 1,959 participants, Solary’s representative oversaw, after several madman meetings, reaching the grand final. Eventually he had to kneel down with Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez of Mexico, undoubtedly the best player on the planet. But his work, in the historical profession dominated by North Americans, was very impressive.

Behind the seed n ° 9, Glutonny crossed paths very early with MkLeo, who had already ruled him (0-3), sending him away. loss bracket. The Frenchman no longer had the right to make mistakes in order to stay alive in the tournament: he then planned a prestigious victory, against the Americans Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan (n ° 7, 3-1), Paris “Light” Ramirez (n ° 4, 3-0) and especially Edgar of Mexico «Sparg0» Valdez (n ° 2, 3-1). Despite encouragement from the San José Conference Center, he once again fell to world number 1 (0-3), untouched over the weekend.

A good shot of a French group

Flying over the European area for several years, Gluttonny had been waiting for this final in a major tournament on American soil for a long time. After several weeks of training in the Atlantic in the last few months with the best players in the world, he has finally reached his goals. “It was my dream to reach the big final against MkLeo and I did it, he replied on Twitter. Iam so happy. The next step is to beat him! »

At one point, Glutonny was not alone in the California trip, as a squad of 23 French players had closed the trip. On the site, they managed to beat a good group, as seven of them made it to the top of 64. Not to be expected more than before the tournament, Thomas “Oryon” Scalese, a player from Oplon, even reached 13th place, to the delight of many tricolor fans who came on the site. An additional sign, if needed, of growing national interest in the Smash event.

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