Epic Games Store – These games will be free of charge soon

Epic Games Store – These games will be free of charge soon

You have until May 12 only at 5pm to receive “Terraforming Mars” free of charge at Epic Games Store. Thereafter, the game will be replaced by two new games, which will be released free of charge for one week.

Now available at Epic Games Store: Terraforming Mars

in “High quality marijuana”Is about what the name suggests. It is your job to build on the Tiles on different project maps. You have the opportunity to start different production, keep cities and green areas freely and much more. Many organizations are vying to be the first to make Mars a habitable planet. So it is up to you to reach a milestone in their lives and to make Miriam a new home for mankind. As you build a planet, more and more people are moving to Mars. Your job is to entertain and give them a better life.

Terraforming Mars is a digital card game.

You reach higher levels in the game by keeping your oxygen level stable, adjusting the temperature and even building the ocean on the red planet. You can also plant beautiful forests. But beware: Rival organizations are lawless and are already focusing on how they can ruin you and your project successfully. Terraforming Mars is the official redesign of the popular card game, which is now available in video game formats. So grab your friends and start an online game.

Unfortunately he missed: Just Die Already

Now is the time to show Boomers where the rub is located. in “Just Dying Ready”You see for yourself what it is like to be retired in a world that you would love to see dead. So not only are you old, but you are being thrown out of a nursing home, so from now on you will have to save yourself. Not so simple: In the reality of “Just Die Already” people no longer have children, they prefer to play video games instead. Working is overrated and so is the pension fund.

With anger, weakness, poverty and bitterness, you as a retiree should fight for your life in a total of four areas. Not only can you tear your fellow fighters to pieces, but you should also remember that you are as weak as the glass itself. So think carefully about your next step. Just Die Already is a sandbox game from Goat Simulator that allows you to personalize game types and play alone or with up to four players in most online players. You have only one goal: to secure a place in a nursing home.

game "Just Dying Ready" at the Epic Game Store
Angry retirees want a place in the retirement home.

Also missed: Paradigm

in “concept”Replaces a mutant called Paradigm. It is in 2026, the post-apocalyptic future in the Eastern European country of Krusz. Desperate to become a popular musician at any cost, Paradigm begins editing music pieces using his computer. In search of a boot disk, Paradigm is facing the old and failed experiments of Dupa Genetics. Experiments with which the children wanted were given.

Instead of expected children, however, children grow up to be flexible, just as Paradigm is one. Left in a small uninhabited town, the Paradigm seeks revenge on Dua Genetics. With the PAGST rebel group you want to fight the company. Easy events to click where you click and jump in the apocalyptic world of 2026.

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