Enyaq, Skoda’s electric newcomer

Enyaq, Skoda’s electric newcomer

Posted on January 28, 2022, 6:00 AM

A fun exercise to do behind the wheel. Forget Enyaq’s coat of arms for a moment to focus on its ergonomics to breathe the finished work, from its thick tawny skin (optional) to its loft decor bathed in light. We imagine ourselves in an Audi, BMW or Mercedes! Industrial twin of Audi Q4 e-Tron, Cupra Born and VW ID-3 and 4, Enyaq looks like the best sibling in its features, its proportions, its sense of presence and beauty. A well built car that is also a pleasure to drive. Its 204 hp are all there, run gently (8.6 seconds to reach 100 km / h) and promise 537 kilometers of autonomy (equivalent to a good 300 on the highway), with silence and a soft suspension (a good option of optional control) that goes far and cleared his two tons. While giving it the expected agility of a machine of the 2020s. There is no shortage of space for anyone, not least for boxes (its trunk is one of the largest of its kind). However, Enyaq remains “reasonable” to park (4.65 m long). And, Skoda obliges, financing: from 36,050 euros…

Dashboard, neat and tidy.© Skoda Auto


Clean, neat, tidy, neat and uncluttered, the dashboard sticks to the essentials: two screens neither too big nor too small, easy to use and discreetly surrounded by warm materials, drawing the decor with soft curves… How not to feel well back. wheel? Especially since the driving position, finish and techno equipment taken from the great school of the VW Group are still memories. Well done and well done.

The grille that has become useless has been turned, as an option, to shine with a thousand lights.

The grille that has become useless has been turned, as an option, to shine with a thousand lights.© Skoda Auto


Since the grille of the electric model no longer has any technical use as such, the Enyaq offers the opportunity to illuminate itself with a thousand lights, like a concept car. Warning eyes!

A nice surprise

The atmosphere on board, especially zen and ideal for cruising. This is due to the materials used (leather, cloth, etc.) but also and above all to the actual color work. While most of the industry almost exclusively relies on black (less aggressive) to cover the interior from floor to ceiling, Enyaq also dares to use greiges, beiges and fawns.


Its large wheel arches. It can accept rims up to 21 inches in diameter: quite a spectacle! But the big four arches generally take “only” 18-inch wheels as standard. So almost lost, like a featherweight wearing XXL.


Power: 204 hp.

0 to 100 km/h: 8.6 sec.

Height: 4.65 m.

Range (WLTP combined cycle): 537 km.

Consumption (WLTP combined cycle): 16.9 kW/100 km.

Price: 47,770 euros, minus the ecological bonus.

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