energy saving also works for older models

energy saving also works for older models

Apple presented its new Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Ultra during its keynote speech on September 7. They embed a new feature: power saving mode. This innovation will also come to older models.

During its back-to-school keynote on September 7, Apple delivered a whole bunch of new productsAirPods Pro 2, iPhone 14 but also its new connected watches: Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE as well as Apple Watch Ultra.

These include many new features, such as the Crash Detector or ovulation monitoring, but also the energy-saving mode that allows you to have a lot of freedom. Good news, if you have an older model, you can also enjoy it.

Power saving mode is available for older models

This “low power mode” is included in Watch OS 9 which will be ported to older watches up to Series 4. Good news for freedom on your current device, then! But beware, not everything will be as successful as in Series 8. You will have to deal with some technical limitations.

As The Verge notes, power-saving mode works by turning off many features like notifications or the always-on display. It is this mode that uses the most. Absent from Series 4, he cannot grab the juice from that part. So it will get freedom, but not like the latest models.

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This new method promises a lot. During the conference, Apple showed that the Apple Watch Series 8 can be increased from 24 hours to 36 hours of freedom. About the Apple Watch Ultra, we can go up to 60 hours! Perfect for hiking enthusiasts who can’t recharge their Watches in the middle of an adventure. As with previous models, Apple has not released a special series.

As a reminder, Apple Watch Series 8 will be sold from September 16 at a price of 499 euros (GPS version) and 619 euros (mobile version). The Apple Watch Ultra will be available on September 23 for a price of 1000 euros.

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