Emmanuel Macron is already driving a facelifted DS 7

Emmanuel Macron is already driving a facelifted DS 7

On the occasion of the celebrations of July 14, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron showed himself in a modified DS 7, in its armored version of the Élysée reserved for the presidency.

Always highly advertised, the traditional celebrations of July 14 are an opportunity for the Head of State to march in his presidential car join the parade in the capital. So, there is no question of driving an “old” car. This is why Emmanuel Macron was able to benefit from the “new” DS 7 (and not the DS 7 Crossback anymore), only modified and not yet accepted. The design intended for the Élysée is always a long and armored variant.

Attached to the DS 7 Crossback since its first inauguration in May 2017, the President of the Republic has therefore had the first of this DS 7 restyled that we have discovered in the studio at the moment… Welcome! One might think that DS secretly worked alongside the restyling of the DS 7 to create this new DS 7 Élysée. But obviously, it is rather to “re-transplant” an old car to reduce costs …

Full makeup

Indeed, the price of the transformation into an armored car is very high, and the trick to reduce costs was thus to create the old DS 7 Crossback Élysée in the new DS 7 Élysée. This is especially noticeable with the GC-749-MF dial, which is very similar to the model used during the November 11th commemoration. Knowing that the presidential cars no longer have the special “1 PR 75” type plate but the traditional SIV plates, specific to each car, so it is likely that the car is the same.

The DS 7 Élysée therefore benefits from new styling features such as the DS Light Veil daytime running lights on a polycarbonate plate or the black band that connects the refined taillights with the DS Automobiles text instead of the Crossback. Like its predecessor the DS 7 Crossback Élysée, The DS 7 Élysée is 22 centimeters tall (including 20 cm for the wheelbase to have a little more space on board), which brings the car to 4.79 m against 4.57 m for the classic model. The car is armored to enhance safety, but this puts a lot of weight on the car. It seems to exceed 3 tons.

300 or 360 hp hybrid?

The DS 7, in Ink Blue, has black inserts. The coating takes on a diamond look with new tri-color badges. A similar type of emblem that recalls the French flag is affixed to the bonnet in place of the DS badge, while the pennant is placed on the right front fender. Some RF badges (for the French Republic) are placed on the body. Finally, the surrounding lights are attached to the grille.

The new version of the DS 7 Élysée therefore remains very close to the original iteration. He should logically take the 300 hp rechargeable hybrid block from the DS 7 catalog. So the president didn’t have time to test the new high-performance version of the model, the 360 ​​hp PHEV reworked by DS Performance.

Photo: Greg

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