Emerson Fittipaldi opens up about Ferrari in the 2022 season

Emerson Fittipaldi opens up about Ferrari in the 2022 season

Credit: Reproduction/Alfredo Estrella – AFP

Ferrari mistakes in the last race formula 1 when they covered the start of the season that the Scuderia had in 2022. Many blamed the recent poor results on the orders of the team, which has seen Red Bull climb higher in the Constructors’ World Cup. In addition, he sees in the rearview mirror, only 30 points, Mercedes is approaching.

However, two-time Brazilian champion Emerson Fittipaldi believes that the situation can still be changed. “From a strategic point of view, Ferrari made a lot of mistakes. It seems they don’t really know what they are doing; yet, I am sure they will regroup”, he said in an interview collected by Planet F1.

“Ferrari has the ability, the people, the experience to come back this season formula 1”, explains the Brazilian. “The only thing we can say is that the car is very fast, the team is very good. They have the ability to recover, if they learn from the mistakes they made”, he added, regarding what the Maranello garage can still use.

In addition to Ferrari, Emerson Fittipaldi comments on Alonso in Aston Martin F1

Emerson Fittipaldi also assessed the recruitment of Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin. Although he admits that he did not fully understand the changes, he believes they can be especially beneficial for the team. “Alonso was working well with Alpine; so I don’t know why it changes. It’s hard to say: Alpine is doing better in F1 than Aston Martin right now,” he said.

But he also thinks that there may be several reasons behind it. “From the outside, you cannot know why a driver changes teams, retires, as it is a personal decision,” he noted.

On the other hand, the two-time champion highlights Alonso’s ability to carry out his duties, as well as his technical knowledge of the F1 car. “Fernando will bring a lot of experience to Aston Martin for sure. He is very good at tuning the car,” he said.