Elon Musk’s new crazy project!

Elon Musk’s new crazy project!

Nothing stops the Tesla boss with a match. Improved by the success of his Starlink satellite network, Elon Musk announces that he will adopt the concept by charging electric vehicles. Obviously, it will soon be possible to refuel anywhere in the world, with a simple parabola!

Importing solar-generated electricity into the world? If that idea had been around for decades, humanity was certainly waiting for Elon Musk to consider it. Who else but the entrepreneur aspiring to start such a complex project? Under his leadership, Tesla and Starlink will team up to form a satellite charging system. The project, called “Starla”, will benefit from the technology used by Starlink, which currently provides internet access via satellite.

Plate, wall box and so on!

On paper, the idea seems simple: it involves transmitting satellite photovoltaic energy to electric vehicles around the world. 100% of renewable energy that can be caught through a parabola of the same type as the one sold by Starlink. All you have to do is plug the plate into a special Starla wall box to fill your car.

The seat fits in the case, which can be transported as you wish. So it will be possible to travel anywhere in the world without fear of collapse, even in the middle of the desert! No more looking for stations, waiting, compatibility and badge problems!

Starla Satellite Charging Set

€ 5 per kilowatt of space

The Starla set will be sold in Europe for € 4,500, with a monthly subscription of € 200 plus an envelope of 2,000 kWh. Caution, beyond this limit, an extra kilowatt hour is charged at € 5! Starla plans to launch the service in the summer of 2023, during a world tour in the Tesla Model 2.

Well… you will definitely have guessed it is the traditional April Fool Day! 🐟 However, if it existed, would you be willing to purchase such a satellite charging system?

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