Elon Musk will soon present the 3rd General Plan

Elon Musk will soon present the 3rd General Plan

About six years after Tesla’s 2nd General Plan, the comedy boss of the US company will soon unveil a third of his ambitious strategy.

Tesla has been in position for a few years one of the leading actors in the automotive industry, with impressive results and products before many competitions. However, many had difficulty believing in a “small” California company led by Elon Musk.

a new strategy for Tesla?

More than a decade later, it is clear that Tesla has won his betnot without some problems of course, but generally respecting the program established for a few years already.

You may remember Great deal, a strategy released in 2006 when Tesla was still acting as a “child” in a world of automotive violence ordered by large groups. After major reforms, Elon Musk presented his Master Plan 2 a few years later, with the increase in car independence, advanced autonomous driving technology and diversification.

With pick-up, truck, sports car, two sedans and two SUVs, layer expanded, although three of the seven products mentioned have not yet been officially placed on the road. Plan 2 is taking longer than expected, but that did not stop Elon Musk from announcing the upcoming presentation on Twitter. of the third phase of its strategy for Tesla.

Plan and questions

The message could not have been clearer: “Working on Master Plan 3”. Nothing more, nothing less. For more information, we’ll have to wait again. But for how long?

According to the first rumor, Plan 3 can be quite visual development of Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that has already been announced by Elon Musk and which will be one of the company’s priorities. His role will be to replace humanity with dangerous and repetitive tasks.

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