Elon Musk shows Tesla’s new electric car, light, low cost and with a promise to surprise the car industry.

Elon Musk shows Tesla’s new electric car, light, low cost and with a promise to surprise the car industry.

The Tesla Roadster could have a carbon-encased engine, says Elon Musk – image: Tesla Live

Elon Musk announced the development of a new electric motor developed by Tesla that can be considered an innovation in the automotive industry. The propellant will be lighter, more powerful and still safer.

Elon Musk recently presented Tesla’s new electric motor, which promises to be near perfect and offer the best performance for the automotive industry compared to the automaker’s current engines. In addition, Elon Musk claims that Tesla has big plans for this year, with bigger strategies than the previous one.

Tesla’s electric car can be injected into carbon

With the recent development of Elon Musk, the strategies are becoming more creative. The billionaire has unveiled Tesla’s next electric motor for the automotive industry, covered in carbon and carrying a high RPM rating.

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A new pump, which must be installed on the model Tesla Roadster, was developed by a local company as part of the engine update announced last October. According to Elon Musk, the arrival of a new electric motor on board would bring a significant reduction in the complexity of the power train, increasing efficiency and performance.

In his social networks, Elon Musk said that the company intends to bring a new electric motor to the Tesla Roadster.

The executive also added that the new engine that will come soon in the automotive industry is so good, Tesla can replace its current line with cars with high electric motors without making any changes.

During the press conference, Elon Musk gave an overview of the electric motor, in short, “indestructible” and says he hopes to achieve a world record with its launch.

Tesla is launching a project known as Plate Motor that promises to turn any car into an electric one

Elon Musk commented on Tesla’s latest project, called “Plate Motor”, as mentioned in a recent Tweet, where the entrepreneur claims that the design of the electric car is not based on traditional concepts from the automotive industry, but on technology that powers the Dyson vacuum. more clean.

A Tesla executive says the new motor will be lighter, stiffer and cheaper than the company’s made aluminum electric motors.

The intention of the executive is to develop a Plate Motor in a scalable size that will be able to work in any electric vehicle. The electric motor, which works like a plate, can be installed in several Tesla cars, including its second-generation Model E car, which can be produced by the end of 2022, however the manufacturer must first finish its third car.

Tesla Model S and X could receive new high-capacity batteries

During the investor conference call, Elon Musk commented on the availability of new capacity batteries for the Model X and S. However, during the presentation of the Model X, the executive did not comment on the specifics of Tesla’s batteries in his speech, but he said that the company will bring the news early in the year.

Instead, it aimed to promote a new air suspension system, developed by Tesla partner Holden. When it comes to Tesla’s future, the focus is almost always on a new generation of cars, however the company is also focused on revenue, given that those models are the most sought after by the automotive industry.

Currently, several people are turning to electric cars, to contribute to the environment and save money, without having to worry about buying gasoline.

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