Elon Musk hates the series, the billionaire is free on Twitter

Elon Musk hates the series, the billionaire is free on Twitter

Rings of Power is Amazon’s new flagship series and everyone has an opinion. This is the case of Elon Musk who gave his on Twitter. The billionaire did not appreciate the vision that the show offered and did not hesitate to make it known.

Rings of Power is the current series. Of course, many people have launched Prime to discover the first two episodes and give their opinions. This is the case of Elon Musk, who did not hesitate to say what he thought on Twitter.

Apparently Elon Musk wasn’t too happy with the series. In the first tweet, he says: “Tolkien must be rolling in his grave”. It’s amazing, when we know that the series is licensed by the Tolkien Estate and that Simon Tolkien, the author’s grandson, worked as a consultant with Amazon. We remember that in their time, Peter Jackson’s films were hated by Christopher Tolkien (who died in 2020), the author’s son.

Elon Musk whines like a big kid in front of The Rings of Power

Elon Musk goes further in a second tweet, saying that “All the male characters are cowards or donkeys or both. Only Galadriel is brave, smart and kind. »

Again, the tweet is raising eyebrows. The series has attractive male characters. We can awaken the brave elf Arondir, the measured Elrond or the wise king Gil Galad. bad faith which undoubtedly resembles the depravity of women. It is also to avoid this kind of analysis of the epidemic that Amazon recently made a drastic decision about the views of viewers. Each review is reviewed by moderators and published 72 hours later. It’s true that the series has been the target of racist and sexist comments for months.

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Finally, Musk posted a third tweet in which he denounced the comments of his first tweet, pointing out the truth be bots only. An important thing for the billionaire, because it is official because of this aspect that he finally refuses to buy Twitter.

In any case, The Rings of Power amounts to a real success for Amazon, as the series has attracted 25 million viewers in less than 24 hours.