Electric Vehicles – Electric brands xBus S and Evetta Cargo, everything is small in our city

Electric Vehicles – Electric brands xBus S and Evetta Cargo, everything is small in our city

Small German start-up electronics brands are spreading their wings. At the commercial vehicle show in Hanover, it unveiled several new features, including the xBus S and new versions of its compact Evetta.

After the acquisition of the Artega and the announcement of the Evetta city car, Electric Brands ramps up the innovation. Although the official launch of its small utility xBus (born eBussy) is very close, the German brand gives us a new version, xBus S. S as Small. So the principle is the same: a good-looking small electric utility vehicle, with a modular rear core. But smaller. So the height increases to only 3.20.

It is also narrow (1430 mm) and has only one seat on board for the driver placed in the middle of the small cabin. The steering wheel is similar to that of the xBus, and the small screen is placed at the bottom right. It probably doesn’t support installing the phone in a more ergonomic way… There is still time to upgrade the whole thing, as it should be released in 2024…

For loading, we stick to the standard xBus principle, and, in software, van or platform versions. There is no minibus or motorhome version here. The machine, which can also be reduced to a 4-wheel drive (with wheel motors) has a carrying capacity of 1.6 m.3 in this open version, with a load of 750 kg. The declared range is only 120 km. And again, he is doped with 6 m2 solar panels that can cover the active part of the body.

During the presentation of the Evetta, inherited from the takeover of Artega, Electric Brands showed us the utility version of the city car: the front part of the car was grafted onto the rear ladder chassis in the shape of an old truck. A second version has now been added to the program. Here the box is just mounted on the back. The car on display is shown in pizzeria colors, insulated boxes to lean on the trunk… In both cases, Evetta retains its large door that opens with the steering wheel, its two-seat bench, but also the opening of a small canvas. And the big price that plays with 20,000 euros.

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