Electric scooters: These scooters are impressive with removable batteries

Electric scooters: These scooters are impressive with removable batteries

Anyone who lives in the city and is interested in electricity often has a problem. The fourth floor does not allow battery charging as on the property highway. Unless the batteries can be removed from the car and carried inside the apartment.
A sufficient reason for AUTO BILD MOTORRAD to put together a summary of electric scanners that can only do so: their batteries can be removed. The list begins with the amazing Cake Ösa Fley from Sweden and the beautiful Trinity Uranus.

Motorcycle riders can use that as well

The Swedish company cake builds designer pieces on two wheels. Slogan: little is more.

Cake Ösa Flex

The Ösa Flex Cake model comes with five hp and costs less than 8,500 euros. The maximum piece of Swedish design is given about 120 km. The battery can be removed for a fee. In addition, the manufacturer offers a wide range of equipment and various options for a wide range of transportation functions.

If you are looking for an electric motorcycle with a very classic shape, the Emco Nova is the right choice.

Emco Nova

Prices start at 3599 euros per version with a battery of 2.3 hp and 28 Ah. With a 4.1 hp engine and a second optional battery, the Nova costs 4,999 euros, excluding additional costs. The top speed is 45 km / h, and the manufacturer specifies a range of 50 to 130 km, depending on the version. Payment time is two to four hours.
Govec ELMOTO loop
It’s hard to believe at first glance: The Elmoto loop provides everything you need for an e-bike.

Govec Elmoto Loop

The Elmoto Loop is still one of the lightest electric vehicles around. Driving stability is the same. The rear wheel is powered by a 2.7 hp hub engine. The battery in the middle of the frame can be removed. In addition, there is a storage area to take the charger with you, USB socket and smartphone app. Price: from 3990 euros.
Motron Cubertino

The Motron Cupertino was created for charity and, for euro 1999, targets a small budget.

Motoron Cupertino

The lovely Cupertino is available from euro 1999. You can call it a competitive price. Cupertino looks like a Honda Supercub, the world’s best-selling car. Thin wheels, with 17-inch wires should also be able to withstand rough roads. The battery can be discharged. There are LED lights for appearance. Two horsepower and brake brakes are enough to drive comfortably.

Mo 125 seat

Three-way driving with rear-driving gear is common, ABS can be ordered as an option. Weight is 152 kg, which is very high for motorcycles. Super: Two hats fit under the seat, and the battery can be sent to the floor to be charged. At least 6700 euros must be invested.
Trinity Uranus

The Uranus Trinity is fascinated by batteries that individual cells can exchange if the worst comes to the worst.

Trinity Uranus

The situation is different with LG batteries. They just can’t be removed from the scooter for a fee. If necessary, individual battery cells can be replaced. Very creative! Uranus has 5.4 hp and runs at a top speed of 45 km / h. Cost rate: 3499 euros. If that is not enough, you can also get Uranus as R version and even as RS later this year.

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