Electric Peugeot 208 will be sold for the first time in Brazil for R$ 245 thousand, but it will be sold only in two cities |  one planet

Electric Peugeot 208 will be sold for the first time in Brazil for R$ 245 thousand, but it will be sold only in two cities | one planet

The first 20 buyers will receive a free wall box installation. Previously, 208 electric will be available only in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Until the beginning of 2022, Peugeot wants to extend the offer to other channels.

PEUGEOT e-208 GT – The performance is worthy of the old GT and the finish is more refined than the regular 208 (Photo: Rafael Munhoz) — Photo: Auto Esporte

As the acronym suggests, the e208 GT is a sports car with an equally powerful electric motor 136 hp and 26.5 kgfm of torque. The 100 km/h mark is left behind inside 8.1 seconds, says Peugeot. To have a baseline, the old 208 GT did the test in 7.9 s. only maximum speed of 150 km / h looks down, something for those who have to save energy.

Speaking of batteries, the charging time varies. In an internal socket (1.8 kW) it takes about 25 hours to reach 80%. Using the 7.4 kW WallBox (which will be available at the brand’s dealers), it takes six hours – in the 22 kW WallBox the time is reduced to four hours. In fast charging stations (100 kW), the battery (placed under the floor) reaches 80% in 30 minutes. It is worth remembering that the 208 electric uses a Type 2 plug, more common in Brazil, similar to other European models.

Among the products are: dual-digital air conditioner, wireless smartphone charger, full LED headlights, LED headlights, 17-inch wheels, 3D instrument panel, Android multimedia center Auto with Apple Carplay, panoramic roof. a person.

The Peugeot e208 GT has a neat finish inside — Photo: Rafael Munhoz/Autoesporte

The list goes on with six airbags, stability and traction control, collision warning and automatic braking for vehicles and/or pedestrians, lane departure warning and correction, automatic high beam, speed plate reading speed, fatigue detector and tests.

There is also a drive mode selector (Normal, Sport or Eco), electronic parking brake, front and rear parking sensors, and a reversing camera with 180° view. For many technologies, at least the electric adjustment for the driver’s seat was absent.

17-inch wheels are standard — Photo: Rafael Munhoz/Autoesporte

In the cabin, the standard is better than that of cars produced in Argentina, especially the multimedia center. With a large screen and no buttons, it has a wide screen aspect ratio, which gives another surface. The dashboard – full of buttons – and the door handles are covered in leather.

The 3D digital instrument panel creates images and details with holographic technology, giving a three-dimensional effect. Therefore, some information considered more important can be displayed before others, more prominently.

Next to the buttons is the seat temperature control. Speaking of them, the Alcantara coating (Alcantára, in the Italian pronunciation of the company) gives a velvet touch and appearance. The shift has a joystick-type lever, something that is also present in the European 208, whose gearbox has eight gears.

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