Electric cars |  Two billion euros for the new Volkswagen factory in Germany

Electric cars | Two billion euros for the new Volkswagen factory in Germany

(Frankfurt) German car giant Volkswagen announced on Friday a two-billion-euro investment to build a new electric car factory near its historic headquarters in Wolfsburg, as part of its massive electric shift against US leader Tesla. .

Updated March 4

The site, whose construction should begin in the spring of 2023 for the opening of 2026, will be dedicated to the “Trinity” sedan project, “the future model of the Volkswagen electric fleet” with “more than 700 kilometers of autonomy”, according to the statement to the media.

The plant will be located near Wolfsburg, where Volkswagen has been established since 1938, a few years after its founding.

Deeply rocked by the diesel engine hacking scandal, the world’s second largest car group has moved steadily towards electrification in recent years, with tens of billions of euros of investment in the car of the future, combined with battery operated.

The trio “represents the next generation of electric vehicles from Volkswagen”, according to a press release, VW brand boss Ralf Brandstätter, referring to “an important step for the transformation and future of Wolfsburg”.

The model will have a “CO neutral balance2 and will be “Ready for Level 4 Autonomous Driving”, a level of autonomy that does not require human intervention in certain situations and circumstances.

Boss Herbert Diess continues to urge his group to make a “revolution” to catch up with Tesla of the United States, which received, on Friday, the final approval to launch production of electric cars at its first European plant near Berlin.

Tesla plans to build a car there in 10 hours, Diess noted in November, in comparison to Volkswagen, whose largest power plant in Zwickau currently uses “more than 30 hours” for example.

With the Trinity model, Volkswagen now also wants to “reach 10 hours per vehicle”, explains the manufacturer in a press release. To achieve this, he intends to offer limited versions of the same car for purchase, reduce the number of spare parts, assemble more automatics and rely on “new equipment concepts”.

The “Trinity-like power manufacturing process” will be adopted by the historic Wolfsburg plant by 2030.

Meanwhile, the current electric ID ID.3 will be manufactured in Wolgsburg from 2023 to “meet high demand”.