electric car in five points

electric car in five points

Arriving in 2020, the Citroën ë-Jumpy inherits the same versatility as the other engines in the range. Freedom, recharge, accessories, price… we summarize the things that should not be missed!

From the large group to the SME through the small technician, electricity will quickly establish itself as an important solution to enter the city center invested slowly and Low Production Zones. Aware of the challenge, Citroën has increased its offer of electric utility vehicles in recent years. While the Citroën ë-Berlingo acts as a pioneer in the “small volume” segment, the Citroën ë-Jumpy responds to more versatility.

Two levels of freedom of choice

To meet the needs of each profession, Citroën ë-Jumpy offers two battery capacities linked to two levels of autonomy:

  • 50 kWh for a range of 230 km in the combined WLTP cycle
  • 75 kWh and a range of 330 km.

In all cases, the batteries are guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers by the manufacturer (at 70% of the charge capacity).

A clever tool

To better support the reflections of experts on the electric transition, Citroën offers on its website a freedom simulator. Available for free, it makes it possible to estimate freedom according to various parameters: outside temperature, speed, transported load and the presence, or not, of heat or weather.

Citroën ë-Jumpy electric 2020

Easy and efficient payment

To recharge the Citroën ë-Jumpy, two solutions are available.

In alternating current (AC), power is 11 kW. It allows a full recharge in 5 hours on the 50 kWh version and 7:30 on the 75 kWh version. To take advantage of it, you will have to install a wall box in your area or recharge at public stations, which are more and more in the city centers. Without it, you will have to go through a regular hole and it will be longer.

In direct current (DC), rafter electrical organization accepts up to 100 kW of power. At the fast charging station, the charging time to 80% varies from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the battery chosen.

50 kWh 75 kWh
standard plug 24:00 37:00
Green Up Plug 3:00 at night 10:40 pm
Wall box 7 kW 7:30 in the morning 11:20 am
Wall box 11kW 5:00 in the morning 7:30 in the morning
Fast charging 100 kW (at 80%) 30 minutes 45 minutes

Citroën ë-Jumpy electric chargeMany electrical services

Powered by an electric motor of 100 kW, i.e. 136 hp, and a torque of 260 Nm available immediately, the Citroën ë-Jumpy is intended to be versatile. With its compact size and top speed of 130 km/h, it is suitable for last-mile transport and long journeys.

In terms of sizes, 2 sizes are available to meet the needs of all businesses. While the M version is over 4.95 m long, the XL version reaches 5.30 m with load levels that change accordingly.

All versions have a standard width of 2.20 m and a variable height of 1.90 to 1.95 m. Placed under the floor, the batteries do not affect the amount of load. The cabin therefore provides 1.25 meters between the wheel arches for loading Europallets, the volume varies from 5.3 to 6.6 m³ depending on the size.

Citroën ë-Jumpy electric 2020 rear

Version Height Recommended batteries Amount of cargo
M 4.95 m 50 or 75 kWh 5.8m³
XL 5.30 m 50 or 75 kWh 6.6 m³

Citroen design

Offered as an option, the ModuWork (on the 2-passenger bench seat) has a writing tablet, central storage, a right-hand lift seat and a long cargo tray under the passenger bench seat. A clever device that increases the loading volume by 0.5 m³ and the roof height by 1.16 meters, i.e. up to 4 meters in total.

Generous level of equipment

In terms of equipment, the Citroën ë-Jumpy inherits a better level of equipment than other engines in the range.

Depending on the version, the electric car receives a central 7-inch screen. Installed in the middle of the dashboard, it includes a menu specific to electric cars allowing usage to be monitored and recharging to be scheduled. Added to this is compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Through the My Citroen app or through the touchpad with the Connect Drive service, the user can also remotely monitor the battery level and charge of the app or the passenger compartment temperature preset.

As far as options are concerned, professionals will have no shortage of options. The chevron brand version includes several optional packs that allow for custom fitments.

From €40,000 tax free

Excluding bonuses and options, the electric Citroën ë-Jumpy starts at €40,000 excluding tax in its basic version, equipped with a 50 kWh battery.

For the version with a large battery of 75 kWh, it will be necessary to pay from 45,000 € HT.