Economy.  2021: a record year for Lamborghini

Economy. 2021: a record year for Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini ended 2021 beating its historical record: 8,405 cars were delivered worldwide. In fact, sales increased by 13% compared to 2020.

Overall, the three regions where Lamborghini is located achieved double-digit growth: America (+14%), Asia-Pacific (+14%) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa, +12%), which share respectively, and equally, 35%, 27% and 39% of the sales volume.

The Huracan, the V10 model, experienced strong growth with 2,586 cars sold.

In detail, the United States again represents the main market (2,472 units, +11%), followed by China (935 units, +55%), the market that took second place, then Germany (706 units, +16%). and the United Kingdom (564 units, +9%).

As for the models, the success of the Super SUV Urus continues with 5021 units delivered, followed by the Huracán, the V10 model, which experienced significant growth with 2586 vehicles sold. Added to this is the 798 Aventador model, V12, released worldwide.

With an investment of more than 1.5 billion euros over four years, Lamborghini will launch its first hybrid production model in 2023, and by the end of 2024, its entire range will be electric. The arrival of the fourth electric model is also planned for the second half of the decade.