EA tries to joke with bad taste, internet users fall on it

EA tries to joke with bad taste, internet users fall on it

It is with some confidence that EA wanted to attack one-player games. Wanting to run the same wave “is 10, but …”, the publisher hinted that only multiplayer games are appropriate. Of course, the entire twittosphere has gathered to remind EA of its (very) many failures in that field in recent years.

It is as if EA is holding its position as the most hated video game publisher on the planet. As if its questionable business model was not enough, the company regularly attracts players ’anger and its information directly from the bag of bad ideas. And since it was a long time since the EA sparked controversy, it was time for its community manager to re-ignite the fire.

To do this, this one used a good old recipe for a restored meme. At the moment, the trend on social media is to post a sentence that starts with “It’s 10, but …” (referring to the English expression that means a person is considered beautiful), followed by a character who is considered ugly. . The goal is to provide information to the person concerned based on all these factors.

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EA is taken (again) down by dissatisfied players

So on Twitter, the publisher posted the following sentence: “It’s 10, but he only plays one-player matches.” pointed out that these are of less systemic quality than most player games. If the community of players is already touching in general, it is clear that this tweet, moreover, is in a very bad taste. Some, you know.

Many of them remind EA that its multiplayer games have been a failure. The latest of course is the Battlefield 2042, which saw its players leave for just a few days. But many still remember Stars Wars: Battlefront 2, whose many small activities have remained one of the biggest scandals in the history of video games. “From the publisher who brought you the most popular multi-player song”laughs at another Internet user, shedding light on a game that is now forgotten by all.

Still others are fascinated by EA’s one-player games, remembering that some are among the publisher’s most popular songs. “Imagine playing one-player games”, mocks the user who accompanies his sentence and articles related to Mass Effect sales records: Story Edition. Not to mention another major EA achievement in recent years, which is Star War Jedi: Fallen Order, which will even be entitled to continuity. In short, the lesson here is: if you are a brand, do not make memes.