E-retro scooters: these beautiful motorcycles are electric

E-retro scooters: these beautiful motorcycles are electric

AUTO BILD MOTORRAD has selected eight retro scooters with electric motors that combine seamless internal mobility with multiple war dolce. The list starts with Emco Nova and ends with the brand new Yamaha Neo. There is a summary of the most important data.

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Emco Nova

Emco Nova boosts with removable batteries. This makes payments in the city surprisingly easy.

Prices start at 3599 euros per version with a battery of 2.3 hp and 28 Ah. With a 4.1 hp engine and a second optional battery, the Nova costs 4,999 euros, excluding additional costs. The top speed is 45 km / h, and the manufacturer specifies a range of 50 to 130 km, depending on the version. Payment time is two to four hours.

Govec’s E Swallow

Govecs has successfully revived the story with E-Schwalbe. Unfortunately it is not very cheap.

The Bosch car train pushes Elektro-Schwalbe forward forcibly. ABS is available as an option. A battery and a charger with a coiled cable are built into the E-Schwalbe. 135 kg can be loaded, the top optional case provides valuable storage space. Price: from 5590 euros.

Kumpan 54 Inspire

Kumpan 54 Inspire

Kumpan hails from Remagen near Bonn. Eighty percent of scooters are made in Germany.

The Kumpan 54 Inspire has 4.1 hp and is said to be 62 km long with one battery. Two and three batteries have an additional cost. The charge load is supplied with an 188 kg battery. For the model year 2022 there were software updates and upgrades such as new LED lights and adjusted ergonomics.

Motoron Cupertino

The lovely Cupertino is available from euro 1999. You can call it a competitive price. Cupertino looks like a Honda Supercub, the world’s best-selling car. Thin wheels, with 17-inch wires should be able to withstand a lot. The battery can be discharged. There are LED lights for good visibility. Two HP brakes and drums are enough to drive comfortably.

Trinity Romex

Trinity Romex

Trinity Romex looks chic and exudes a lot of flair. However, it becomes slower when energy is low.

Here, too, the battery can be removed for charge. This is important for anyone who does not have a garage and electricity. If necessary, the column can be extended with a second battery. Fast is not the Romex method. What you should know: From about 30 percent of the charge, the maximum speed decreases. Then the sensitive nature in the city feels like a traffic barrier.

Trinity Uranus

The situation is different with LG batteries. They just can’t be removed from the scooter for a fee. If necessary, individual battery cells can be replaced. Very creative! Uranus has 5.4 hp and runs at a top speed of 45 km / h. Cost rate: 3499 euros. If that is not enough, you can also get Uranus as R version and even as RS later this year.

Vespa Elettrica

But E-Vespa has not yet been able to build on the success of combustion engine versions. A possible reason for this may be the lack of modern technology on board. There is no ABS, for example, and the 70 / h version only has a brake mix. Batteries and chargers are fully installed. So you have to get to the hole. Price: from 6390 euros. This is not a business.

Yamaha Neo

Yamaha NEO electric scooter

Yamaha brings Neo in the middle of the year. It can be connected to a smartphone using the app.

The navel wheel with no action and no brush on the rear wheel provides motion. Its power output is highest in normal driving conditions of 2.06 kWh at 40 km / h. Yamaha recommends this situation for normal operation. There is also a voluntary environment. With the free Yamaha MyRide app, scooters and smart phones can be integrated. Most owners with a hat room under the seat should ensure practicality in everyday life.

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