E-cars equally cost better than combustion engines

E-cars equally cost better than combustion engines

The space in the VW ID.3 is good, including the rear section.
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Motorists are complaining about high fuel prices. But for the overall balance of car costs, another factor is even more important.

Because instead of fuel prices, it is primarily the depreciation of a car that has an impact on the overall balance of car costs. ADAC has now decided this.

The club’s updated cost comparison also sees electronic cars as the cheapest alternative in most cases.

ID.3 cheaper than VW Golf

Compared to VW Golf and ID.3, for example, an electric car with a cost of 47.2 cents is cheaper than a 56.9 cents petrol car. In addition to depreciation, purchasing and energy costs, insurance costs, tariffs, tire wear, maintenance and repairs were also considered. As ADAC announced, the high cost of purchasing the electric version (36,960 euros) compared to the gasoline engine (32,460 euros) will be covered by other cost factors such as insurance, car taxes, maintenance and repair costs, tire wear, oil. and electricity costs and Flat rate for car washing and maintenance.

Low cost of maintenance and operation of electric vehicles can also be seen in the total balance. However, this comparison has been distorted by Stromer’s 9000 euro purchase payment that is still being offered.

Prices for the purchase of electronic vehicles must be reduced

“Even if you consider the 15 percent discount on gasoline Golf, the electronic ID.3 comes out cheaper at the end,” according to ADAC. Excluding the environmental bonus from the purchase price, ID.3 is around 5,000 euros cheaper to buy. In order for the balance of costs for electric vehicles to be better without subsidies, purchase prices must continue to decline according to ADAC and may be only slightly higher than those of the comparable combustion structure.

Also EQA cheaper than GLA

ADAC has compared other pairs of vehicles. Based on this, the electric Mercedes EQA is cheaper to drive than the GLA gasoline engine of the same size, the electric Dacia Spring is generally cheaper than the Sandero and the BMW 420d could only beat i4 in terms of cost reduction.

In other cases, however, the combustion engine is also at the forefront: the Ford Kuga Hybrid is cheaper than the Mustang Mach-E. (with SP-X)

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