Due to the lack of parts, waiting for Jeep models can reach 10 months – Prisma

Due to the lack of parts, waiting for Jeep models can reach 10 months – Prisma

It is no secret that the problem of shortage of parts that is affecting the automobile industry on a large scale is harming the production of cars around the world. In Brazil, this lack of features has already caused industrial disruptions, driving up the price of new cars. In a circular sent a few days ago to the dealer network, Stellantis, owner of the Fiat, Jeep, Peugeot and Citroën brands, indicates that the wait for one of the crossovers in the Jeep category can reach 10 months.

The Commander, which was launched in the last quarter of 2021, is the model with the longest lead time. Both the convertible (T270) and diesel (TD380) versions have an estimated delivery date of April 2023. The estimated wait is ten months.

The Sport version of the Compass, which has the lowest equipment in the range, is expected to be delivered in August this year. However, the range-topping Trailhawk should be delivered only in October, the Longitude flex in November and the Limited and diesel versions should reach buyers only in March 2023.

Even the Soldier did not escape the queue. The S-series version (without sunroof) could be released in August, the Sport version should arrive in late October and the S-series (with sunroof) in November. Buyers of the Longitude edition should receive their Renegade by the end of February.

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Even Wrangler buyers shouldn’t jump the lines. The Rubicon version is being offered for immediate delivery but the 2-door Sahara versions should arrive in October and the four-door in February next year.

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This schedule can be brought forward as the industry receives more components and will be able to continue vehicle production. And therefore, even Brazil did not escape the break in the world production chain caused by this pandemic (which continues in production restrictions in Asia as a way to fight Covid 19) and production restrictions caused by the invasion of Russia, the main supplier of minerals. , for Ukraine, another producer of inputs such as electrical harnesses and other components.