DS 7 E-Tense 225 hp: useful update

DS 7 E-Tense 225 hp: useful update

For the mid-term overhaul of its DS 7, Stellantis premium label wasn’t satisfied with a simple repaint. The styling of the front and rear surfaces has been completely revised for a more elegant and sporty look, like the German competitors. And with more lively and sharp lines, this compact SUV enters the maturity of the brand’s design: less chrome, perfectly integrated LED lights under the polycarbonate cover and an assumed chic style. A similar change of continuity to the passenger compartment that evokes French luxury. There is nothing wrong with leather and high foam plastic materials, competitors can take inspiration from them.

The brand’s engineers and manufacturers have also checked all the components of the rechargeable hybrid engines and the maintenance of ground connections. And for companies, the 225 hp DS 7 PHEV in two-wheel drive remains the most attractive, from 53,900 euros including taxes.

DS 7 E-Tense: a well-designed hybrid

Therefore, in the PHEV, it is based on the new 14.2 kWh battery, with its more powerful chemistry, which brings a higher level of quality. Indeed, its autonomy increases to 65 km in the combined cycle (80 km in the city). And route management (electricity, fuel, hybrid, recovery, etc.) has been properly adjusted to a large extent (7.2 l/100 km, “empty” battery). And also the best driving pleasure, 1.6 turbo-petrol being under stress at the top in the towers. All this is made possible by the EMP2 V2 platform, as we have already seen on the DS 9, C5 X, 308 and the recent Astra PHEV 225 hp.

Another advantage of this DS 7, the ground connections always provide greater comfort, while constantly adjusting the oil pressure in the shock absorbers thanks to the mirror camera. Highly responsive, this adaptive suspension holds the car perfectly in curves during quick and continuous power changes, with full control over mass transfer. Thus DS Automobiles continues the development tradition of the engineers and technicians of Citroën and Peugeot. And in uncomplicated ways, we get the “grand touring” quality of the brand’s production, DS 9 leading the way.

DS 7 E-Tense 225 hp

Petrol engine (cm3) 1,598
Power/torque (hp/Nm) 180/300
Electric motor (hp/Nm) 110/320
Total power/torque (hp/Nm) 225/360
Used battery capacity (kWh) 14.2
CO2 emissions (g/km) 28-29
Mixed electric/urban range (km) 65/80
Loss. combined cycle (l/100 km) 1.2-1.3
Loss. min/max (l/100 km) 6.1-8.8
Top speed (km/h) 225
0 to 100 km/h (s) 9.9
1000 DA(s). 28.4
Empty weight (kg) 1,760
Load (kg) 565
trunk (l) 541/1,752
Fuel tank (l) 43
L x W x H (mm) 4493x1891x1635
From (€ plus VAT) 53,900