DS 5 Crossback 2024 New Premium SUV on the Way

DS 5 Crossback 2024 New Premium SUV on the Way

It is anticipated, that the French manufacturer has a successor for the aging DS 5 in the works. Before the middle of the decade, the family crossover will be replaced by a new coupe SUV with a distinctive design and a well-known brand name. The future DS 5 Crossback will be released in 2024, and we are pleased to provide this alluring glimpse.

For some, it was a minivan, but for the brand, it was an innovative, market-first crossover idea. Based on the 2005 Citron C-SportLounge preview, the DS 5 made its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2011. A foray into the D sector with a new model that merged the family format with the sportier Shooting Brake, which lasted until 2018 before being discontinued entirely.

DS has never given up on filling the void left by this model, however, the company’s approach has been to create a range that is more in accordance with the primary bodywork choices and market categories, so restricting consumer preferences. Now is the time to fill the voids, and between the new compact and the biggest SUV currently on the market, there is a very fascinating niche without representation. This is the exact space that will be occupied by the future DS 5 Crossback 2024, which we offer to you in this game.

08/2020, DS 7 Crossback E-Tense 225

A new crossover will be positioned one rung above the newcomer DS 4 Cross and the DS 7 Crossback since this is only a “crossovers” compact body style. The French company will maintain the fine headlamps and LED fangs that run down the bumper ends, but will give them a more contemporary finish. For instance, the grille will undergo a significant transformation, becoming more connected with the front end and including a new, unique inside ornamental panel.

As much as the design of the rear will also bet on a family style without sacrificing the inherent sportiness of the brand, adopting a roofline that will fall more in the rear volume so that the rear volume will replicate the traditional shape of a coupé.

The future DS 5 Crossback will be based on the avant-garde DS Aero Sports Lounge, but will not go as far as this concept vehicle. The future DS 5 Crossback, codenamed “D85” internally, is already in development and will be one of the French automaker’s top objectives in the next years.

The next model will be among those of the luxury brand to premiere the new “STLA Medium” platform, which is intended for small models and sector D, but this model will fill more of the segment D profile than the immediately below segment.

A sophisticated design that permits the creation of electric models. This implies that the future DS 5 Crossback, which will come in the middle of 2024, will bet more on sustainable transportation, offering electrified gasoline engines, plug-in hybrids, and high-performance hybrid alternatives.

In our image, we can see a grille similar to that of past DS models, along with rectangular headlights that converge towards the grille and are equipped with LED technology.

The grille retains its three-dimensional form while providing room for a lower, horizontal air vent. The face is additionally distinguished by chrome bands and blades, with the former located under the grille and the latter emanating from the headlight assembly.

The muscular body has a variety of indentations and ribs. The roof then connects with the rear spoiler as it descends. The height from the ground is crucial, with plastic wheel arches that extend down the car’s sides. The rings are intimidating, measuring 20 or 21 inches in diameter. In sum, the French luxury brand’s stage presence as well as its timeless aesthetic and style characteristics are granite.

DS7 Crossback E-Tense 4x4 in the driving report

The general design hints at a luxurious aesthetic, but there is also a certain sporting flair, as seen by the SUV Coupé and the sloping rear window. The next DS 5 Crossback will be based on the DS Aero Sports Lounge concept and, according to the most recent reports, should already be under development under the codename “D85.”

Future models will be constructed on the new STLA Medium platform, which is appropriate for small and segment D and C models. This enables the development of electrified vehicles, therefore we anticipate seeing the new DS 5 alongside electrified gasoline engines. in addition to Plug-in hybrids.