Driving Report Wants to Flirt: Citroen C4

Driving Report Wants to Flirt: Citroen C4

In a hard-fought compact class, car models should be very attractive to stand out from the crowd. With the third generation of the Citroen C4, which has been on the market since 2020, the French want to get a mark for casual authenticity and not just make Golf look old-fashioned. Vehicle Information Service (center) has tested whether this can be successful.

Good people are different. The front of the Citroen C4 caramel-brown meat, its eye-catching lighting units, the low-pitched roof and the distinctive plastic planks all attract attention quickly. The combination of a stylish hatchback and a rustic SUV is definitely pleasing, both distributed at a height of 4.35 meters.

Getting into a compact format according to the PSA Normal System is easy, as is the SUV, front and rear. The height of the seat is the same, but the roof line resembling a coupe with narrow windows not only restricts the view for those sitting in the back, but also means that this structure should make a compromise in terms of head for tall passengers. In return, they will have enough space, at least on their knees.

As befits Citroen, the C4 offers a variety of fine-grained materials thanks to its materials, which are carefully processed. A built-in set, especially soft in the first row and a back bench, similar to a sofa, invites you to embrace it. You have to love it. There are plenty of practical storage areas and, as a wise addition, a front passenger drawer to which the tablet can be connected.

In addition to these 39 liters of front storage space, there is a capacity of 380 liters for passenger luggage that is suitable for travel, but not necessarily the best. After folding the backs of the rear seats, there is up to 1,225 liters behind a very low loading sill. Double loading floor (including cellar compartment) ensures standard loading area.

The 131 hp three-cylinder petrol engine with 1,199 ccm under the crossover coupe bonnet of France seems unplanned here and there at low engine speeds, only at high speeds and then it burns more vigorously. Then accompanied by regular but not annoying buzzing, a small unit can deliver a 1.35 ton truck from zero to 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds, the top speed is 210 km / h.

With the eight-speed automatic transmission installed on the test drive, however, the C4 used an average of less than seven liters of Super per 100 km. Consumption was highest in the city and on the highway. No picnic due to current oil prices; but Citroen also offers C4 power models or diesel models.

Comfortably, on the other hand, a soft chassis loads on five doors. The best suspension comfort has always been considered the best way in Citroen, and the C4 also comes with so-called High Comfort suspension and float mode as needed. The special combination of springs, dampers and hydraulic terminals respond immediately to ridges and pulls them gently and vigorously without allowing the vehicle to become too soft.

In terms of price, Citroen is asking for 22,790 euros for the C4 in the lowest line of Live Pack equipment. The “Shine” version with 18-inch alloy wheels, black back and rear windows and leather steering wheel costs from EUR 29,710. Inside the aircraft are, among other things, the Advanced Comfort suspension, the Advanced Comfort comfortable seats, the Drive Assist package which, among other things, the upper beam auxiliary, the navigation control with the stop and departure function , the helper of the invisible part, the front part. parking and rear parking support including rear view camera with rear vision and side parking sensors. In the second row there are central armchairs, and a ski flap is also included in the price. Unfortunately, the steering wheel is only available for the electric version.

Solveig Grewe / center

Dimensions of Citroen C4 Pure Tech 130 S&S EAT8 Shine:

– Height, width, height: 4.35 / 1.80 / 1.52 meters

– Engine: three-cylinder gasoline engine

– Transfer: 1,199 cc

– Power: 96 kW / 131 hp

– maximum torque: 230 Nm

– Transmission: 8-speed automatic

– Acceleration: 0 – 100 km / h in 10.2 s

– Top speed: 210 km / h

– Typical Consumption (WLTP): 4.8 liters / 100 km

– CO2 emissions: 110 g / km

– Price: from 29,710 euros

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