Driving license C1: “Small” truck driving license for large motor homes

Driving license C1: “Small” truck driving license for large motor homes

Our long pilot ship was to blame! You may recall that some time ago we installed a beautiful Mercedes Sprinter from a motorhome manufacturer in Echzell for a endurance test. Unfortunately, the La Strada Regent S 4×4 loaded up to 4.1 tons because of the all-wheel drive.

So when some of my classmates happily went to the test drive in my dream car, I was just able to look at their jealous travel photos. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. And his name is Peter.

Our driver school truck: Renault D with an acceptable weight of 7.5 tons.

At Musick’s driving school in Hamburg, Peter is responsible, among other things, for “small” truck training, that is, the driving license class C1 – and he should train my colleague Helene Schmidt, who also regularly loves motorhomes. very heavy, and I drive 7, Teach 5 tons of driving school.

Six evenings of 90 minutes each

“Now please stop and go back to the loading dock,” says Peter, looking at me intently. ridiculous I think. Surprisingly, pushing back is my weak point.

An optical measurement with a visual acuity measure is mandatory

Unfortunately, I have trouble with spatial vision. I knew that, but the ophthalmologist confirmed this in writing during a long-term eye test, which included a field of vision and eye mobility, which you should do in advance. I passed it though. So it can’t be that bad.

As I look in the mirrors for approaching traffic, my hand rotates toward the shift knife. “Stop!” Suddenly a voice roars from the passenger seat. “Very important: If you put the car in front of you before asking someone to show you, the test is over,” explains Peter.

On test – your nerves are on edge

I hear sentences like these more often during training. Before I know it, test date is near. My nerves are on the verge. In my last motorcycle test, I played for the first time.
But the examiner is nice and calm. The three of us sit in a truck and fly through Hamburg. Country road, road, city traffic, parks, 75 minutes are already over. “Congratulations,” he says, handing me my new driver’s license. “Woo-hoo!” I’m screaming. The sentence with the back gear is stuck inside.


The yellow notes are passé. Compressed and tested is now through the app. In addition to skill questions, there are also photos and videos with traffic conditions. There are a variety of guided training programs and learning methods.

The theory test has 30 questions. If desired, it can also be submitted in another language.

If you have passed enough exams, the picture above will be displayed and the student will be given a test date.


“1. Run the switch on the EC control device.” This is a possible task that the student driver must complete at the beginning of the test. The candidate should demonstrate that he / she has understood the specific technology of the truck and its basic maintenance and testing.

C1 driving license

Yellow cards are part of the practical test. The student should demonstrate his basic technological skills.

The student driver draws one out of ten cards, each with seven such tasks, and completes the formalities.

exit control

Are the tires damaged? Is the canvas correctly attached? Is the operating water leaking? Does the lamp work? Before hitting the road, the truck and body must be inspected for damage and defects. This is especially important for the long-term low, which mobile homes have. And it is part of a practical test.
C1 driving license

In addition to the seat and mirror settings, there is also a tachograph operation.


Anyone who has had his or her driver’s license for a long time knows this: just take your partner’s car to the bread for a while. You do not need to adjust the mirrors anymore. In the worst case, when driving a truck, this can cost the lives of passersby. Therefore special attention is paid to this during training.


Experienced homeowners who switch to a larger car are much easier. The driver’s school truck is the tallest, longest and largest of the Mobile Phone with a mark of 3.5 tons, but not so much that you have to adjust it completely. It becomes more complicated on construction sites. Only a few inches of space remain here left and right.

Everything about the “small” truck driver’s license


It depends on many factors such as the number of hours and the destination. The biggest problem in most driving schools: Lessons are held during the day during the week. Employed people who do not have time should ask before enrolling in driving school if trips are possible on weekends or evenings.


Final prices include, among other things, registration fees, introductory exams and driving lessons. Must be special trips, which include three intermediate trips, one road trip and one night trip each. In addition, there is basic training in accordance with the principles of driver training. This does not specify the required number of hours, but the actual learning content that the driving instructor must provide in practice hours.

C1 driving license

If you pass the test, the examiner will immediately hand over your new driver’s license. Then let’s get started!

A 45-minute driving course at Musick driving school costs 70 or 80 euros, standard. In the end, the total cost to us was less than 3000 euros per person.

driving license classes

Since January 1, 1999, foreigners on a driving license have only been permitted to drive vehicles weighing 3.5 tons. If you want to move up to 7.5 tons, you need class C1. Caution: This refers to the vehicle only. The weight of the trailer is limited to 750 kg. C1 driving license has been reduced since 2017. After five years, a medical certificate and an eye test must be re-submitted. So far, this has only affected more than 50 C1 drivers. Now it applies to everyone, even with consideration.

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