DR Cars facing Dacia Duster and Sandero: a good start for the Italian brand!

DR Cars facing Dacia Duster and Sandero: a good start for the Italian brand!

DR Automobiles Groupe breaks sales records. After launching the two new Sportequipe and ICKX brands, as well as the updated DR and EVO models, at MIMO 2022, DR Automobiles Groupe closed the most satisfactory first half of the first half, thanks also to the record month of June, which recorded a market share of 1.73% in Italy.

Indeed, 2,196 vehicles in June and 9,749 in the first six months of the year in Italy, compared to 8,362 registrations in 2021. So the figures have more than doubled compared to last year with + 185.94% more than June and + 168.62% more than first the first. half.

The DR 5.0 enters the Top 50 best-selling models in Italy, ranking 27. It is also the 5th model in the Top 10 LPG-powered cars, with the DR 4.0 in 9th place.

As announced in Milan two weeks ago, from September the new Sportequipe and ICKX models will enter the market. In addition, the improved versions, ie DR 3.0, DR 7.0, EVO 4 along with the new pickup EVO 5, EVO Cross 4 and DR 5.0 CVT will be used in the coming weeks.

DR Motor Group, a company founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Massimo Di Risio (hence the name of the group). Already working in the world of cars with the big dealer Fiat, he decided in 2006 to sell cars that were imported from China under a new brand: DR Automobiles.

DR cars in France

Since the launch of its first generation, which is currently sold in France from 18,900 euros, the DR 5.0 has been considered the flagship of the Italian brand. DR Automobiles can really expand its field of action, by creating an important distribution network in the four corners of France.