Donald Trump no longer likes the electric car

Donald Trump no longer likes the electric car

During a rally in Pennsylvania at the beginning of September, Donald Trump attacked electric vehicles and the Joe Biden administration.

Donald Trump clearly no longer has electric cars in his heart. During a meeting in Pennsylvania, the former president of America focused on these cars. In the monologue, he began by saying that the end is “twice as expensive” than hot models. Before saying exactly “must stop with those things. It is enough to arouse the public interest that prevailed in his cause.

The man also, unsurprisingly, attacked Joe Biden, his successor in the United States, to the face. So he criticized investment and administration of the United States for sustainable mobility. This in the form of a big plan, voted recently and criticized by producers in particular.

A good friend

To support his remarks, the real estate magnate presented the case of one of his friends, who got an electric car, to travel without destroying the planet. The end would be disappointed with the car for several reasons.

The first will be excessive consumption of fat… which does not exactly match the mentioned car code. The other will be refills for a very long time, several hours. Which is more understandable, despite the presence of fast payment stations.

Trump is turning his back on electric cars

Still, these words are interesting to say the least. Sure, just two years ago, right Donald Trump was promoting electric cars. “I’m for electric cars”said September 2020.

In the past, he also credited himself with the motivation to use an electric car. However, the features established by his predecessor, Barack Obama. Gosh, Donald Trump would go viral fake news ?

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