Domenicali would like to sign Vettel in F1

Domenicali would like to sign Vettel in F1

On July 28, Sebastian Vettel announced that he will retire at the end of the 2022 season, leaving the Aston Martin Racing team. The four-time F1 World Champion will no longer play on the F1 pads, preferring to spend his time with his family.

In recent months, the German driver has greatly increased his activism and has often shown it at the circuits, whether for reasons of equal opportunities, to show his support against racism, homophobia, misogyny, anxiety ecological and climate or other social issues! An involvement that has not escaped Stefano Domenicali, CEO of F1, who would like to sign up future retiree within the discipline.

Domenicali would like to employ Vettel in F1

Stefano Domenicali has admitted in Hungary that Vettel’s decision to retire at the age of 35 at the end of this year came as a surprise. “I read it in the newspapers”Domenicali said last weekend. “Now I will talk to Sebastian.”

Now Domenicali has told Sport Bild that he could offer Vettel a job in F1. “Among other things, we talked about his decision and the future”said the former Ferrari boss.

“Sebastian will always be associated with Formula 1. And of course we want this bond to remain strong in the future. If he is interested in being part of our organization and our vision matches, I will certainly be happy to welcome him”added Domenicali. “But we already know that after the season he wants to relax and enjoy time with his family.”

According to Sport Bild, Vettel’s new role in F1 can be linked to his recent efforts in the field of environment, sustainability and social development. And in parallel, Domenicali responded to the Aston Martin driver’s recent claims that Formula 1 is behind in the area of ​​sustainable technological development.

Vettel exposed himself by doing launching his 1992 Williamsand even a 1922 Aston Martinduring the recent Grands Prix with sustainable fuels. “It makes a difference if you have to prepare one car for one or two laps or twenty cars for 70 laps and the whole season”insisted Domenicali.

“We are not behind in technology, on the contrary. We are ahead of schedule. And soon we will experience driving in F1 with sustainable fuel”he concluded.